In 2005, Kurt Angle was involved in a storyline with Booker T when the storyline took a weird turn that involved Angle being secretly obsessed with Booker’s real life wife Sharmell. Speaking on the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Podcast, the former Olympic Gold Medalist spoke about the storyline and why it was the most uncomfortable angle he’s ever been a part of.

“I have no idea where the idea came from,” Angle said. “Vince is kind of a ribber, he’ll do stuff to mess with a little bit, to shove it in your face. He thought I had this fetish for black women. I like all women, white, black, hispanic, it doesn’t matter. My wife is half hispanic, half Italian. So I think Vince thought I had this fetish for black women and he thought it would be a funny program and I was not comfortable with it by any means. I had so much respect for Booker T and Sharmell. To do that and pretend I was stalking his wife, it was the worst angle I’ve ever done, the worst storyline I had ever done. I did it anyway because I’ve always been a team player but I was not comfortable doing it.”

Angle spoke about Booker T on a previous podcast where the former WWE Champion recalled a fight he witnessed backstage between the 2x WWE Hall of Famer and Batista. The Gold Medalist spoke about Sharmell and Booker and how great they worked together during their run on top in the mid-2000s.

“They were incredible, very entertaining,” Angle said. “Sharmell never missed a spot, she was on all the time, she had great timing. Booker T is one of the greatest wrestlers I ever got in the ring with. Those two together were unstoppable.”

After being a top guy in WWE for seven years, the Olympic Gold Medalist became the face of TNA after a standoff with Vince McMahon led to his WWE departure. He became the flag bearer for the company for a decade and was involved in several of the companies biggest storylines in history. Angle revealed that he never was seeking out talent from WWE to come to TNA and would only say something if he was asked by a talent looking to come to TNA.

“I never recruited from WWE,” Angle said. “I never tried to scalp for them, I didn’t think it was right. If anybody came to me for advice I would give it to them. Maybe someone would call me and said ‘Hey, what do you think of TNA?’ and I would tell them that I loved it and enjoyed being in the company. But I never recruited anybody or tried to steal someone from another company.”

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