Lio Rush Reveals Recent Comment Jon Moxley Made To Him Backstage At AEW

AEW star Lio Rush was on a recent episode of Gettin' Better with Ron Funches. Rush talked about his return to wrestling and signing with AEW.  Also in AEW as a broadcaster is WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry. Rush and Henry had a public back-and-forth in the past. Rush and Henry spoke at Rush's debut at Double or Nothing, and Rush opened up about what his current relationship is like with Henry.


"Me and Mark Henry are cordial," Rush stated. "Now, I'll say this, being in the locker room week by week now, me getting a feel of the locker room and getting a chance to be around Mark Henry a lot more — because the time that I that I saw him before, when all the s**t kind of hit the fan, I'd only met Mark Henry twice. That's why the overall thing was just so crazy to me.

"Both times were positive, so that was even stranger. But I've gotten a chance to talk to Mark on a couple of different occasions, and we've always had really good conversations. It's always just me and him. It's never a crowd of people around us. So every time that I've talked to Mark, we've always had great conversations. I know that he says some stupid things that pisses me off and a lot of other people, but it's the same with me. I say a lot of things that piss other people off. So, it's just preferences. Everybody's not the same. People don't like the same things, so it is what it is, but we're cordial. I wouldn't say we're like best friends or anything like that, but at least we can have a conversation."


Rush explained why he and Henry had their public differences of opinion. He also recalled what former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley told him that he found to be great life advice.

"That's pretty much what it is, just two very strong-minded individuals had a disagreement and now, it's over. Everything's good now, and I think a lot of people are coming to terms with that," Rush said. "In my case, people know how I am. People are starting to kind of see that picture, especially with me, being a little more open about my story, and why I'm doing this, and who I'm doing it for.  I've always been a guarded person, but I feel like once I let loose and start to kind of let people in a little bit, things are starting to move in a way that I want them to. And people are a lot more accepting of who I am as a person.

"People are different. People are all doing it for different reasons. At the end of the day, we're all human. I just had a conversation with Mox. First time I've ever had a conversation with Mox, and I've known him for so long, but he said to me, 'We're all just humans doing human s**t and going through human s**t,' and I always felt like that but I never knew how to express that in a way that didn't come from anger. And now, it's coming from a place of reason and of experience, and just being older and more knowledgeable. It's going pretty good."


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