Malakai Black Reveals Message Exchange With Top WWE Star After His AEW Debut

AEW star Malakai Black recently spoke to Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT about his AEW run so far while also reflecting on WWE storylines he was not able to see through. Black was released by WWE in the middle of his feud with Big E that started after Black made an appearance on SmackDown a month earlier.


Big E has admitted that he did not know where the feud was going to go, and Black's release not only took him by surprise, but those backstage in WWE that were working on the story did not know Black would be released as well. Black revealed to talkSPORT what he was told the feud was leading to.

"The only note that I ever got was that it was going to lead to me and him at SummerSlam," Black revealed. "That's all I know and after that, it was whatever it was going to be. He won the title exactly two months after I got released, and he was kind of in limbo, but very quickly, they were building him up to, rightfully so, be the champion.

"It's funny because I did something in my own way that caught the eyes of professional wrestling, and he did something that he set out to do since starting his journey in pro wrestling. So I messaged him, and he gave me the best message back. We were like man, what a difference two months can make for two individuals that were basically lost in the shuffle who were set out to do great things, but then kind of muffled down. In two months, everything changed for the both of us. I have a lot of love and appreciation for Big E, and respect."