Matt Tremont Remains Hospitalized After Atsushi Onita Deathmatch, Video From The Match

Indie veteran Matt Tremont remains hospitalized after suffering burns in the Current Blast Double Hell Deathmatch against the legendary Atsushi Onita this past weekend.

Sunday's Destiny event from H20 Wrestling at Trenton Thunder Ballpark in Trenton, NJ was headlined by Onita defeating Tremont in a match that included fire, light bulb tubes, barbed wire, and more. The finish to the match saw Onita set fire to a barbed wire board, and then hip toss Tremont into the flames. Tremont's gear was then covered in fire, but they put them out and Onita covered for the pin. Crew members immediately hit the ring with fire extinguishers after the pin.

Tremont is expected to remain hospitalized for up to one week due to burns suffered in the bout, according to PWInsider. It was noted that Tremont was admitted to a burn ward at a New Jersey hospital right after the event, and has been hospitalized since then.

Tremont was said to have been in increasing amounts of pain once the adrenaline from the match wore off, which led to him being taken to the hospital.

Sunday's Destiny main event was co-promoted by H20 and Onita's FMW-E match. After the bout was over, Onita embraced a bloody, cut and burned Tremont in the middle of the ring to an ovation from the crowd. Onita then took the mic and declared his love for deathmatches, and promised there will be even more explosions and violence next time.

Onita tweeted after the show and wrote, "Thank you to everyone who came to the venue and to see it at home. I'm proud of Tremont. Despite the spectacular explosion, he stood in the ring. Thank you to all fans for their warm welcome."

Tremont is scheduled to challenge Rickey Shane Page for the H20 Heavyweight Title later this month at the Last November event on November 27 in Williamstown, NJ.

Stay tuned for more on Tremont and Onita. You can see Onita's full tweet below, along with clips and photos from the Current Blast Double Hell Deathmatch: