Mustafa Ali Reveals Video For Nixed WWE Storyline

Mustafa Ali revealed a video that was set to be used for a storyline that was eventually canceled.

A couple of weeks ago on an episode of SmackDown, Ali cut a promo where he called out why the fans don't cheer for him.

"You people choose to cheer for Drew McIntyre," Ali said. "You choose to root against me and the only reason you choose to root against me is because my name is Mustafa Ali"

Ali commented yesterday that the storyline ended up not going anywhere because it was considered too controversial.

"A few weeks ago, I made a statement that some deemed controversial," Ali wrote. "My intentions were to bring a beautiful vision to life. unfortunately, for reasons beyond my control, I won't be able to make that vision a reality. But I can share with you what could have been."

Below is Ali's promo for a "new America."

"Tonight I need to discuss something of the utmost importance to our great nation," Ali began. "Something that I have personally been striving for my entire life. And that is — acceptance. You see, despite being born here, in the United States of America, every day I have to prove to you that I belong. So, I didn't correct you when you would mispronounce my name because I didn't want you to feel embarrassed.

"I was mindful of the clothes that I wore because I didn't want you to think I look suspicious. I lowered my head and said nothing when you would make jokes about what I look like or where I might be from. I did all of this with the hope that you would look at me and see your fellow American."

You can check out the full promo in the video below and also read more about Ali's comments in an interview from last month about Vince McMahon telling him he was "too polished, too clean."