Nikki And Brie Bella Give Update On Their Pro Wrestling Future

Nikki and Brie Bella have officially returned to the podcast world after a six month hiatus with a new episode of The Bellas Podcast. Brie recapped listeners on what she and husband, AEW's Bryan Danielson, were doing during their break from work.

"This Summer, I decided to take off. I needed a refresh button, and Bryan and I wanted to get away into the mountains," Brie said. "You all saw, after WrestleMania, he just decided to take a break. So him and I were like, you know what? We deserve to go up to the mountains and do absolutely nothing, and that's what we did. And it was just really nice to kind of regroup as a family. It was the first time, we realized, ever, since Bryan and I had been dating, so, ten years. It was the first time we ever spent months together in one bed, with our family... we got four months in the same bed with absolutely nothing to do except going swimming, and hiking, and just being really lazy."

At the start of 2021, Nikki and Brie's reality show, Total Bellas, saw it's final season come to a conclusion. The former WWE stars delved deeper into why they decided to step away.

"When we came to Napa and we fell in love with our life in Napa, we were just like, 'Gosh, we really want to keep this private.' And I have to say, it's so hard having camera crews in your house. It's difficult, it's just tough," Nikki explained. "And Brie and I both talked. The Danielsons, I knew immediately were 100% out. I knew we lost Bryan and Birdie from last season, day 1. I was like, 'Okay, they're never coming back.' And I started talking to Brie and pick her brain about, like, I don't want Mateo growing up on TV. I don't want cameras in his face. I don't know if I want people to be so involved in our world here in Napa, like, maybe this is what we keep private.

"But like, when we have a tasting room, bring them in! Let's have fun, let's party, but when it comes to personal life, you know, it's kind of hard to put your personal life out there," she continued. "Artem and I have had, I feel like, such a roller coaster and have dealt with so much. And I felt like after my past relationship, I need to protect this one."

"I think you and I are great at putting our lives out there, but we got protective of our family because they didn't sign up for it," Brie explained.

"True, you and I, I feel like I could film 24/7," Nikki replied. "I love it. Reality TV doesn't bug me and people judging me doesn't bug me, you're right. It's different when it comes to my family, my son."

Although reality television isn't part of future plans for the twins, what about a return to the ring? Nikki and Brie don't fully reject the idea, however, it won't be happening "any time soon".

"There are no plans for Brie and I to return to the ring. I don't know if I'll ever be able to return to the ring, as I am officially retired per our doctors. So yes, the day that we are going to be warming up, practicing, and maybe coming back, you, our Bellas Podcast listeners, will be the first to know."

"Do we miss the ring? Absolutely," Brie added. "And we miss the WWE Universe, The Bella army out there, and we would love to get back to the ring one day. It's just not any time soon."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Bellas Podcast with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.