Paul Heyman On If AEW Is A Viable #2 Wrestling Promotion

Paul Heyman recently spoke with BT Sports' Ariel Helwani and gave some thoughts on what AEW needs to do, and if he thinks AEW is a viable #2 pro wrestling company to WWE.

Helwani asked Heyman how he feels about what AEW is doing right now, and if he watches the product.


"They the fans or they, AEW the promotion?," Heyman asked. "AEW the promotion. How do I feel that they're doing?"

Helwani continued and asked Heyman if he thinks AEW is doing a good job, and if they're being a viable #2 promotion.

"Oh they're viable," Heyman responded. "They are a viable entity, and God bless them for being there."

Helwani then asked Heyman if he likes the AEW product.

"I'm not the audience, so it doesn't... my personal opinion on their product... if I were to sit here and go, 'My God, they're great!'... who cares what I think?," Heyman said. Helwani said he cares what Heyman thinks as one of the brightest minds in the business and Heyman continued, "But that's just a personal opinion. They're not geared towards me and if I sat there and went, 'Oh my God, they suck, they're horrible!'... I don't think they should care about that either."


Heyman continued, "It's like when [UFC President] Dana White gave his opinion of WWE and it wasn't flattering, and I was asked about it, and my answer was, 'And? Who gives a fuck?' I don't think AEW should give a fuck what I think about them. They should care what the fans think, what their audience and what their potential audience thinks about them. Here's who we have, we need to super-serve them, we need to make them continue to be loyal to us, and we need to expand that base. We need to take that person and lure them in, we need to find people who love WWE and lure them to our tribe, and we need to find people who have never seen sports entertainment/pro wrestling, combat sports, etc., etc., and lure them onto our show, for whatever reason we can justify them coming to pay to see our product. That should be their mission. What Paul Heyman thinks of them should be of no concern to them."

You can see the clip and full interview below: