Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package. McKay talks about tonight’s Halloween themed edition of the show. Delirious is shown backstage. Delirious apparently references tonight’s match with Sledge, PCO & Danhausen taking on Shane Taylor & S.O.S. (Kaun & Moses) of Shane Taylor Promotions for their ROH Six Man Tag Team Titles.

Max The Impaler (with Amy Rose) and Miranda Alize make their entrances. Quinn McKay and ROH Women’s Champion Rok-C make their entrances. Maria Kanellis is on commentary with Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman for this match.

Rok-C & Quinn McKay vs. Miranda Alize & Max The Impaler

Rok-C and Alize exchange strikes. Rok-C backs Alize to the corner. McKay tags in and separates Rok-C and Alize. McKay takes Alize to the mat with a waist-lock. Max eventually clubs the backs of Alize and Rok-C. Max hits a Double Back Suplex on Alize and McKay. Max hits a modified back-breaker on McKay. Amy Rose points at Alize while staring at Max. Max walks to the corner, Alize tags in. Alize pins McKay for the three count.

Winners: Miranda Alize & Max The Impaler

Demonic Flamita & O’Shay Edwards make their entrance. Silas Young & Rey Horus make their entrances. World Famous CB & EC3 make their entrance. Flip Gordon & Matt Taven make their entrances. PJ Black has joined Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaboni on commentary for this match. The winning team receives $10,000.

Wildcard Trick Or Treat Halloween Tag Team Four Corner Survival Match:

Demonic Flamita & O’Shay Edwards vs. Silas Young & Rey Horus vs. World Famous CB & EC3 vs. Flip Gordon & Matt Taven

CB and Young lock up. CB locks in a headlock on Young. Young sends CB to the ropes. CB ducks a clothesline attempt by Young. CB and Young exchange waist-locks. Horus eventually hits a drop toe-hold on CB, sending his face into the second turnbuckle. Horus ascends the turnbuckles. Horus hits a 450 Splash on CB. Young comes into the ring as Horus attempts to pin CB. Young sends Horus out of the ring. Young pins CB for the win.

Winners: Silas Young & Rey Horus

Mark Briscoe has joined Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaboni on commentary for the next match. Danhausen, Sledge & PCO make their entrance. ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions Shane Taylor & S.O.S. (Moses & Kaun) of Shane Taylor Promotions make their entrance.

ROH Six Man Tag Team Championship Match:

Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Moses & Kaun) (c) vs. Danhausen, Sledge & PCO

Danhausen locks a waste-lock on Kaun. Kaun reverses it into a waist-lock of his own to toss Danhausen to the mat. Kaun eventually gets Danhausen up on his shoulders before dropping him on to his knees. PCO hits a shoulder-block on Kaun. Kaun rolls out of the ring. PCO inadvertently hits a Suicide Dive on Sledge at ringside as Kaun pushes him. Moses launches Danhausen into a DDT from Moses. Taylor hits a Driver on Danhausen. Taylor pins Danhausen for the win.

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Moses & Kaun)

Sledge strikes PCO several times after the match. PCO elbows the back of the head of Sledge as they continue to brawl.

They hype next week’s show as this one comes to a close.