Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package. McKay talks about tonight’s card, headlined by Dalton Castle challenging Dragon Lee for the ROH Television Championship.

John Walters makes his entrance. Brian Johnson makes his entrance with a microphone in hand. Johnson talks about having said a lot of disrespectful things about Walters and that after he whoops his ass, he will say a lot more disrespectful things because Walters represents the problem with this company. Johnson talks about being from Philadelphia (the location of this taping) and how he is the MECCA. This will be a Pure Rules Match.

Pure Rules Match:

Brian Johnson vs. John Walters

They lock up. Walters locks in a waist-lock on Johnson. Johnson reverses it into a wrist-lock on Walters. Johnson takes Walters to the mat with a headlock takeover. Walters eventually goes for a Suplex, Johnson gets out of it. Walters goes for a Sharpshooter, Johnson gets to the ropes, using his third and final allowed rope break of the match. As the referee communicates this to the timekeeper, Johnson pokes Walters in the eye. Johnson kicks the knee of Walters, sending Walters on to his own knee. Johnson hits his Trust The Process finisher on Walters. Johnson pins Walters for the three count.

Winner: Brian Johnson

NWA Women’s Tag Team Champion Allysin Kay (with Marti Belle) makes her entrance. Chelsea Green has joined Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaboni on commentary for this match. The Allure’s Mandy Leon (with Angelina Love) makes her entrance. Trish Adora makes her entrance.

Allysin Kay vs. Mandy Leon vs. Trish Adora

Leon rolls out if the ring. Kay and Adora exchange wrist-locks. Kay pushes Adora to the mat. Kay eventually hits a neck-breaker on Adora. Kay sits Adora on the top turnbuckle. Kay chops Adora as she also climbs the turnbuckles. Leon Powerbombs Kay from the second rope as Kay Superplexes Adoroa in a Tower of Doom. Leon pins Kay for a two count before pinning Adora for a two count as well. Leon Suplexes Adora on to Kay. Leon sends Adora out of the ring. Kay kicks Leon in the midsection. As the referee checks in Adora, Angelina Love comes in to the ring and attacks Kay from behind. Marti Belle gets up on to the apron, Leon strikes her to send her back to ringside. Leon hits her Astral Projection finisher on Kay. Leon pins Kay for the win.

Winner: Mandy Leon

A video package is shown on ROH Television Champion Dragon Lee and Dalton Castle.

Dalton Castle (with The Baby Chickens) and ROH Television Champion Dragon Lee make their entrances. Dak Draper has joined Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaboni on commentary for the next match.

ROH Television Championship Match:

Dragon Lee (c) vs. Dalton Castle

Castle takes Lee to the mat with a modified single-leg takedown. Castle eventually goes for a Scoop Slam on Lee, Lee gets out of it. Lee goes for a knee strike, Castle catches him. Castle hits a Back Suplex on Lee. Lee hits a German Suplex on Lee. Lee clotheslines Castle. Lee pins Castle for a two count. Castle clotheslines Lee. They exchange strikes. Castle hits Lee with a back elbow. Lee connects with a knee strike to Castle. Lee runs towards Castle. Castle catches Lee and hits his Bang-A-Rang finisher on him. LFI and Shane Taylor Promotions start brawling in the entrance way. Castle goes for another Bang-A-Rang on Lee, Lee reverses it into a roll up on Castle. The referee is distracted by the brawl in the entrance way. Lee connects with a running knee strike to Castle. Dak Draper gets on the apron. Draper sends Lee into another Bang-A-Rang from Castle. Castle pins Lee.

Winner: Dalton Castle

They hype next week’s show.

A video package is shown on EC3. EC3 talks about leaders failing us, specifically talking about Jay Lethal. EC3 talks about Lethal being tired. EC3 talks about Lethal freeing himself if he fights him. EC3 tells Lethal that he has been warned as the show comes to a close.