Tony Khan Says AEW Put On "More Quality National TV" During The Pandemic Than WWE

The Washington Post wrote an article focusing on AEW being WWE's primary competition and how AEW could change the face of pro wrestling in the U.S.

AEW President Tony Khan had some comments in regards to putting on shows during the pandemic where AEW primary worked out of its home base, Daily's Place, in Jacksonville, Florida. WWE initially spent time in its Performance Center in Orlando, Florida before going to multiple venues for the ThunderDome that featured a virtual audience.

During this time crowds were not allowed in the buildings, forcing both WWE and AEW to put on events without a key competent — the fans. Khan felt like it became obvious over time that AEW was able to keep the pedal down during this unique time while WWE was, at times, just looking to fill air.

"The pandemic made it more obvious who was putting more time into the stories, and who was trying to put on more quality national television," Khan said.

The article pivoted to the rise of AEW and Khan revealed the basic idea for his pitch to WarnerMedia while looking to put his company on the air.

"[I wanted to make a TV program] for the fans who are not getting what they wanted, the fans who wanted to see more pro wrestling ... and less nonsensical stuff," Khan stated.

You can check out more of Khan's comments about working through the pandemic here. AEW is getting ready for its Full Gear PPV next Saturday at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.