The Main Event opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. Drew Gulak makes his entrance as Byron Saxton and Kevin Patrick check in on commentary. Mansoor makes his entrance.

Drew Gulak vs. Mansoor

They lock up. Gulak backs Mansoor into the corner. Gulak briefly locks in a headlock on Mansoor. Gulak takes Mansoor to the mat with a headlock takeover on Mansoor. Mansoor eventually connects with a kick to the head Gulak. Mansoor Suplexes Gulak. Mansoor hits a spine-buster on Gulak. Mansoor locks in a Single-Leg Crab. Gulak gets under the bottom rope to break the hold. Mansoor slams Gulak’s head on to the top turnbuckle. Mansoor hits a jumping neck-breaker on Gulak from the apron. Mansoor pins Gulak for the three count.

Winner: Mansoor

A recap from RAW is shown featuring Carmella & Queen Zelina defeating Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Erik & Ivar of The Viking Raiders make their entrance. Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo of Los Lotharios make their entrance.

Los Lotharios (Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo) vs. The Viking Raiders (Ivar & Erik)

Ivar tosses Garza to the mat. Ivar hits a shoulder-block on Garza. Ivar eventually hits a shoulder-block on Carrillo. Ivar hits a sidewalk slam on Carrillo. Ivar hits a cross-body splash on Carrillo. Ivar clotheslines Garza. Erik is tagged in. Erik connects with a knee strike to Garza. Ivar hits a Senton from off the apron on to Garza & Carrillo at ringside. Ivar rolls Carrillo into the ring. Carrillo connects with a kick to the face of Erik. Garza is tagged in. Garza holds Erik for Carrillo to hit a springboard kick on him. Garza pins Erik for the win.

Winners: Los Lotharios (Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo)

A recap from RAW is shown to close the show featuring WWE Champion Big E defeating Austin Theory to retain his title.

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