WWE NXT Results – Kay Lee Ray Returns, Pete Dunne Headlines, Toxic Attraction, More

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE NXT Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the WWE Performance Center in Tampa, FL.

- Tonight's WWE NXT 2.0 episode opens live on the USA Network as Vic Joseph welcomes us to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. He's joined at ringside by WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix and Wade Barrett.

Toxic Attraction vs. Io Shirai, Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter

We go right to the ring and out first comes Toxic Attraction – NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose and NXT Women's Tag Team Champion Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. Io Shirai is out first for her team. Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro are out next as Alicia Taylor does the introductions.

Rose starts off with Carter, slamming her and taunting her. Rose is all smiles as fans chant her name. Carter shows Rose up now, then taunts her. They lock up again and break. Rose shoves Shirai off the apron out of nowhere. Shirai runs in but the referee holds her back. Carter grabs Rose but an elbow knocks her down. Dolin tags in and knees Carter as Rose holds her.

Dolin works Carter over and kicks her in the back after dropping her. Dolin taunts Shirai and Catanzaro and goes to work on Carter as fans do dueling chants. Jayne comes in and levels Carter for a 2 count. Jayne taunts Carter but gets rocked in the face. Carter with more strikes. Jayne drops her with an enziguri. Jayne walks into a kick to the face. Shirai tags in and slams Jayne in the middle of the ring. Shirai drives knees to the gut to keep her down for a quick pin attempt. Shirai and Carter take turns on Jayne now. Catanzaro launches herself in off the tag for a close 2 count on Jayne.

Jayne takes Catanzaro to their corner and in comes Rose with kicks. Catanzaro counters and sends Rose to the floor. Catanzaro then launches herself over the top rope to the floor, taking Rose down for a pop. Carter takes Dolin and Jayne down on the floor next to Rose for another pop. Shirai goes to run the ropes for a suicide dive but Rose rushes into the ring and intercepts Shirai with a big Spinebuster for a pop. Rose stands tall over Shirai and poses as we go to a picture-in-picture commercial break.

Back from the break and Rose has Catanzaro grounded in a body scissors after Toxic Attraction dominated during the break. Rose drops Catanzaro face-first for a 2 count. Rose grounds Catanzaro with the scissors again as fans do dueling chants and Carter rallies from the apron. Catanzaro fights out with back elbows, finally breaking free. Catanzaro goes for a tag but they tangle and she finally kicks Rose away. Shirai tags in as does Dolin.

Shirai runs wild on Dolin as fans chant her name. Shirai drops Dolin with a kick, then scoop slams her. Shirai stomps on Dolin and stomps away in the corner to keep her down. Dolin catches Shirai with a Stunner out of nowhere. Rose tags back in but Shirai nails clotheslines, then a Facebuster. Shirai with running double knees in the corner for a 2 count. Dolin runs in and decks Shirai from behind but the referee backs her out. Shirai goes to the top and hits the moonsault on Rose but Dolin and Jayne break it up. Carter and Catanzaro rush in and send the tag champs to the floor. Shirai crawls for a tag. Rose grabs her leg and pulls her back. Dolin tags in but Shirai sweeps her leg. Carter tags in and unloads on Dolin with clotheslines. She also kicks Jayne into the ring and splashes both of the tag champs in the corner.

Carter dropkicks Jayne in the corner, jumping off Dolin's back. Carter rolls Dolin up and kicks her. Fans chant "this is awesome!" now. Carter slams Dolin face-first into the mat. Carter goes to the top but Jayne distracts from the apron. Catanzaro and Jayne go down at ringside, then Shirai and Rose as Shirai leaps off the steel steps to take the champ down. There may have been a ringside botch there with those four. Dolin ends up bringing Carter down off the top turnbuckle off the distraction, and then hitting her finisher in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winners: Toxic Attraction

- After the match, Toxic Attraction stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays. Shirai stands on the ropes and stares out at Rose as she raises the NXT Women's Title in the air.

- McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Pete Dunne. She asks about what Tony D'Angelo had to say on "Lashing Out" last week. Dunne says D'Angelo knows where to find him when he's ready to fight the baddest man in NXT and make a name for himself. Trick Williams and NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes interrupt with Trick running his mouth and ranting. Dunne asks Williams what he's on about. Hayes talks some trash to Dunne and Dunne threatens to break his fingers tonight. The two sides argue some more to end the segment.

- We go back to the ring area to see Toxic Attraction celebrating their win at the entrance-way. Kay Lee Ray makes her entrance and walks right through them.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Sarray

Kay Lee Ray shoots a look at Toxic Attraction as she heads to the ring, stopping to pose. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get a new vignette with MSK, who are still in downtown Orlando. They are about to find the person who is responsible for MSK and giving them their name but apparently the person has moved to a new address. They think to take scooters to the location but they look up the address and it's 420 miles away, so they are going to fly there. They agree to go take showers and meet back at the airport. They also joke about getting "extras" and joining the Mile High Club. We go back to the ring and Sarray is out in the ring with KLR.

The bell rings and they shake hands but KLR holds on to Sarray's hand and levels h er with a clothesline. KLR unloads on Sarray and nails a big running clothesline into the corner. KLR puts a boot to Sarray and talks some trash to keep her down. Sarray blocks a shot and sends KLR flying with an arm drag. They roll through a pin attempt and Sarray nails a stop to the chest.

Sarray rocks KLR with a forearm to the face but she just takes it, then fires back and levels Sarray for a 2 count. KLR slams Sarray again and puts another boot to her, talking more trash. Sarray counters and sends KLR to the corner for a Hip Attack. Sarray misses in the opposite corner and KLR attacks. KLR with a big monkey flip into a DDT from the corner for a close 2 count.

KLR works Sarray against the ropes as fans do dueling chants. Sarray ducks clotheslines and rolls Sarray for a close 2 count. Sarray goes right into a modified single-leg Crab, bending the leg all the way back. KLR tries for the bottom rope and finally gets it to break the hold. Sarray with more kicks. Sarray with a Fisherman's Buster for a close 2 count. Sarray calls for the finish but KLR elbows her away, then superkicks her in the face. Sarray comes right back with a big kick of her own, dropping KLR against the bottom rope.

Sarray runs for the big dropkick against the bottom rope but KLR moves and Sarray hits hard. They end up on the floor and KLR hits the Gory Bomb, the KLR Bomb, into the front of the announce table. KLR brings it back into the ring and hits another KLR Bomb but this time she covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

- After the match, KLR stands tall as the music hits.

- McKenzie is backstage with Joe Gacy now, asking about tonight's match with Boa. Gacy says we all have to go through changes, and we all hide our true feelings with a mask and he sees what Boa is going through, so his heart goes out to Boa. Gacy says Boa obviously feels like he has to hide his true self and that's a tragedy. He hopes Boa can see that and that he won't have to hide after tonight. Gacy also talks about Harland shouldn't be uncomfortable in his own skin, and how he understands the pain Harland is going through. Gacy turns to the camera and addresses Harland, telling him to touch his hand on the screen and know that Gacy is doing this tonight for them both. Gacy walks off and we go to commercial.

- We get clips of Bron Breakker and NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa working Triple Threats with Sami Zayn on the current WWE UK tour. Bron talks about what an honor it is to be working his first major tour, and says he's coming back to the United States to kick Ciampa's ass.

Boa vs. Joe Gacy

We go back to the ring and Boa is wrapping up his entrance, wearing the new Tian Sha face paint. Joe Gacy watches from the corner.

The bell rings and Boa kicks away a handshake offer. They go at it and Gacy grounds Boa with an aggressive headlock. Pete Dunne vs. Carmelo Hayes in a non-title match is confirmed for the main event. Boa gets sent to the apron but he fights back and rolls Gacy for a 2 count. Boa with a dropkick now as Gacy pleads for him to take it easy. Gacy begs from his knees and Boa approaches but gets sent face-first into the ropes. Gacy with a backbreaker for a 2 count.

Gacy drops Boa with a forearm to the face, then an uppercut. Gacy with a vertical suplex in the middle of the ring. Boa kicks out at 2. Gacy man-handles Boa some and grounds him again. Boa fights up and out, ramming Gacy back into the corner. Gacy grabs him from behind again but gets slammed to the mat. Boa catches a kick and drops Gacy with a kick of his own. Boa with a knee strike, and another against the ropes, and a third knee to the gut. Gacy counters but Boa nails a double underhook suplex as fans do dueling chants.

Gacy counters a move but runs into a big boot after sending Boa into the corner. The lights suddenly start flickering red and black as Boa hypes up and raises his hand in the air from the corner, then he grabs Gacy by the throat with a death grip or Asiatic spike. Boa takes Gacy down with the throat grip, holding him on the bottom rope as the referee yells at him. Gacy yells out in pain. The lights stop flashing and Boa snaps out of it, but is staring at his hand now. Gacy is announced the winner via disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Joe Gacy

- After the bell, Boa exits the ring while looking at his hand, while Gacy smiles at the camera and says a few words to Harland.

- We see McKenzie Mitchell's interview with Jacket Time from last week, when they were dressed as and mocking The Creed Brothers. We go to a training session with The Diamond Mine now. Malcolm Bivens rants on Jacket Time and says The Creed Brothers will take that same energy NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong had when he beat Odyssey Jones, and use it against Ikemen Jiro and Kushida tonight. Bivens says it's Diamond Mine forever. The group walks off as we go to commercial.

- Back from the break and McKenzie is backstage with Solo Sikoa, bringing up his recent successful debut. McKenzie asks what to expect from him in NXT but Grayson Waller interrupts, recalling what happened when Solo debuted at Halloween Havoc. Waller says LA Knight was talking trash about Solo in the locker room. Knight quickly interrupts and rants about how he will say what he has to say to anyone's face. Solo says he's from the streets where we handle our issues like men. He says we will handle this tonight and three men will enter, but one man will walk out. Solo walks away as Waller and Knight argue. Barrett says we've got a Triple Threat coming.

The Creed Brothers vs. Jacket Time

We go back to the ring and Jacket Time's Kushida and Ikemen Jiro are wrapping their entrance. The Diamond Mine is already out – The Creed Brothers, Brutus Creed and Julius Creed, with Malcolm Bivens, coach Hachiman, Ivy Nile, and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong. Julius starts off with Jiro, scooping him for a big slam in the middle of the ring.

Julius mounts Jiro with big lefts and rights. Julius takes Jiro to the corner and tags in Brutus for a big assisted slam. Brutus stalks Jiro and grabs him for another slam but Jiro drops him and flips free. Brutus grabs Jiro again but Jiro applies a headlock. They collide with shoulders. Jiro ducks a right hand and nails a flying shoulder but Brutus just takes it. Brutus grabs Jiro but Kushida tags in and comes off the top rope with a right hand. Kushida goes to work on Brutus but Brutus nails a takedown. Julius tags back in and powerslams Kushida after Brutus held him.

Julius with a suplex now. Kushida fights off a double team with a springboard back elbow to take down both of the brothers. Jiro tags in and unloads on Brutus, dropping him with a right hand. Julius attacks but Kushida assists and they double team the brothers, knocking them both from the apron to the floor. Jacket Time poses in the middle of the ring as fans chant "NXT!" and we go to commercial with The Diamond Mine re-grouping at ringside.

Back from the break and Kushida is unloading on Julius. Kushida with a crossbody. Brutus tags in but Kushida nails the overhead kick. Kushida kicks Julius in the arm and in comes Jiro for the double team. Jiro goes to the top for the Swanton Bomb but Julius kicks out at 2 as Brutus breaks the pin up.

Kushida handles Brutus at ringside. Jiro misses the Ikemen Slice on Julius but Julius disrespects him by snatching his jacket away. Strong ends up providing interference by opening the ropes, sending Jiro to the floor. Julius goes on and nails a big powerbomb in the middle of the ring to Jiro for the pin to win.

Winners: The Creed Brothers

- After the match, The Creed Brothers stand tall as the music hits. Odyssey Jones rushes down and drops Strong at ringside. Jones hits the ring and fights off The Diamond Mine with Kushida and Jiro. The Diamond Mine regroups at ringside as the two sides talk trash to each other.

- Toxic Attraction is in the parking lot. They tell the camera man to get used to congratulating them because they will be champions for a long time. NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose says Toxic Attraction is THE attraction. Rose says Kay Lee Ray didn't intimidate her and if she thinks she's next for a title shot, get in line. Raquel Gonzalez rides up on her motorcycle and stops, telling Rose she will deal with her later. Gonzalez tells Rose to keep her title warm. She then rides off as Toxic Attraction heads to their car to leave.

- We go back to the ring area and out comes Raquel Gonzalez on her motorcycle. Gonzalez hits the ring and takes the mic. She says while Mandy Rose is keeping her NXT Women's Title warm for her, she only has one thing on her mind. She gets angry and yells at Dakota Kai to get her ass out here. The music hits and out comes Kai.

A creepy Kai comes out laughing. She says it felt so good to hit Gonzalez with the shovel at Halloween Havoc, and watching her lay there motionless... Cora Jade suddenly attacks out of nowhere and decks Kai as she's speaking. They brawl at ringside until officials pull them apart. Gonzalez confronts Jade and says she gets it, Jade wants a piece of Kai also, but Gonzalez gets her first. They show each other respect to end the face-off.

- We get a new Andre Chase University segment with Andre Chase. He talks to his students about how they should all feel like winners because Chase University breeds winners. He tells them to visualize their success. Mental Toughness is today's lesson. Mental focus is the key and once you lose that, you are doomed for failure. One student named Gabe asks about last week's issue and if the mic was to blame. Another student gives his side of what happened, defending Chase and blaming technical issues, and Chase apparently agrees as he goes back to Gabe and yells at him, kicking him out of the classroom. Chase thanks the other student for his diligence and attention to detail.

- We see shots of Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson in the poker room last week. Still to come, Grimes will be in action. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and James Drake and Zack Gibson of The Grizzled Young Veterans are downtown for some Urban Training, scheming to steal food from various people passing by. They trick people to order food for them, and say if you can distract a complete stranger, you can distract a referee.

Ru Feng vs. Cameron Grimes

We go back to the ring and Ru Feng waits as Cameron Grimes wraps his entrance up.

Grimes drops Feng early on after they go at it. Grimes tells Feng to kiss his grits. Feng comes back and mounts some offense, dropping Grimes with a kick and then posing. Feng sends Grimes into the turnbuckles and he goes down. Feng with an abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring now as fans boo him.

Duke Hudson comes walking out to boos. Grimes gets out of the hold off the distraction. Grimes mounts offense on Feng and unloads, nailing a running corner dropkick. Grimes goes to the top and hits a crossbody for another big pop. Grimes yells "to the moon!" and delivers the Cave-In to Feng for the pin to win in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

- After the match, Grimes stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays. Hudson enters the ring and takes the mic as fans boo. Hudson says Grimes came into his poker room last week, sat at his poker table, played with his chips and cards, and was in his own little world the whole time, not paying attention while stroking his little beard and talking to the women at the table, and somehow he won. Duke needs to know if it was dumb luck or did he dupe Duke? Fans are chanting "What?!" the whole time Duke delivers his promo. Grimes asks "What?!" and taunts Duke over the poker room win. Grimes says everyone saw it – he beat Duke and wasn't it so much fun? Duke calls him a stupid little hick and says it wasn't fun losing a lot of money because of Grimes. Duke promises he'll never lose to someone who looks like a dirty little troll living under abridge. Grimes gets serious and isn't happy with the name calling. He says that's OK because he's been called a hick before. It may because he's a little hairy or a little smelly, or because he's a little grimy, but he holds it down. It doesn't matter if it's in the ring, at Duke's poker table, or at Wall Street, Grimes holds it down. Grimes says he may like to play dumb sometimes but last week, he played Duke. Fans chant "you got played!" now. Duke says no one out-hustles him and he can't let this go, and no one realizes what losing to someone like Grimes does to him. Duke says next week in this ring, in front of all these people, Grimes vs. Hudson in a poker showdown. They face off in the middle of the ring now. Grimes says Duke is on.

- We see LA Knight backstage warming up. We also see Solo Sikoa warming up, and Grayson Waller on his phone. Back to commercial.

Solo Sikoa vs. LA Knight vs. Grayson Waller

Back from the break and Solo Sikoa, LA Knight and Grayson Waller are already in the middle of the ring facing off. Solo watches as Knight and Waller argue. Solo decks Waller into the corner, then decks Knight into the opposite corner. Solo unloads on Knight now.

Waller beats Solo down from behind and stomps him. Knight joins Waller and they keep Solo down. Solo blocks a double team and nails a double clothesline. Knight goes to the floor to regroup. Solo mounts Waller with right hands. Solo with more offense on Waller. Knight pulls the ropes down, sending Waller to the floor. Knight with a big right hand to Waller. Solo pulls Knight up to the apron from the floor, then launches him into the ring for a pop. Solo with knees to the gut of Knight. Waller pulls the ropes down to send Knight to the floor now. Waller drops Solo over the top rope.

Waller goes for a suplex but Solo blocks it with one of his own but Knight runs in and drops him. Knight and Waller with a double suplex to Solo. Knight mounts Solo with right hands as fans chant Solo's name now. Waller mounts Solo with right hands now. Knight with a big elbow drop to Solo. Waller with a big elbow drop of his own to Solo to show Knight up. Waller and Knight keep attacking Solo to show each other up. Waller takes Solo to the top for a superplex but Knight yanks Waller down. Waller and Knight argue now.

Solo recovers on the top turnbuckle as they both climb up for a double superplex. Solo slides down and powerbombs them both to the mat. Solo goes to work on both opponents now. Solo gets hyped up as fans cheer him on. Solo with the Rikishi splash to Waller but Knight moves and drops Solo with a neckbreaker. Knight waits for Solo to get up but Waller grabs him and delivers knee strikes.

Waller kicks Solo but Solo tosses him to the floor. Solo turns around to a big shot from Knight. Waller comes back in with a Cutter to Knight. Solo breaks the pin up and launches Waller over the top rope to the floor with ease. Solo goes back to the top and hits the big Superfly Splash to Knight for the pin to win.

Winner: Solo Sikoa

- After the match, Solo stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays and come back to Solo posing for the crowd.

- McKenzie is backstage with Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta, who are talking about how close they were to winning the titles at Halloween Havoc. Tony D'Angelo interrupts and says Indi's husband Dexter Lumis has been ducking him, along with Pete Dunne, Johnny Gargano and the others. D'Angelo mentions how he's going to beat up Dexter next week. He hands a dead fish to Indi and some money to Persia as a way to send a message to Lumis.

- Elektra Lopez is backstage with Legado del Fantasma. She says she hopes Xyon Quinn is watching. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see more clips of Bron Breakker and NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa working Triple Threats with Sami Zayn on the current WWE UK tour. Ciampa mentions defending the NXT Title because it's his duty and there's no one better to represent the brand than him. Ciampa talks about how he sees some of the top WWE stars in the locker room, but he also sees Breakker, who is learning and improving. He gave Breakker some props but said there is nothing Breakker or anyone else in NXT can do to make up for his 17 years of experience.

Erica Yan vs. Elektra Lopez

We go back to the ring and newcomer Erica Yan is already out, making her NXT TV debut, as is Elektra Lopez. Legado del Fantasma's Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza look on from ringside.

The bell rings and they lock up with Lopez taking it to the corner. They break and Yan taunts h er. Lopez charges but Yan nails an arm drag. Lopez slams Yan by her hair, then stomps away while she's down. Lopez holds Yan by her hair and talks some trash. Lopez uses the middle rope as the referee warns her.

Lopez goes to ringside and slaps Yan after some more trash talking. Lopez brings it back in and hits a suplex. She rolls over and botches the follow-up but scoops Yan for a big, sloppy sitdown powerbomb in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Elektra Lopez

- After the match, Lopez stands tall as the music hits. Wilde and Mendoza join her in the ring as she takes the mic. Lopez says what she wants is what she gets, and what she wants right now is Xyon Quinn. The music hits and out comes Quinn to the ring. Lopez says Quinn turned a lot of heads last week, especially hers, and he was impressive. She asks him if he wants to join Legado del Fantasma. Some fans chant "yes!" and some chant "no!" now. Quinn says Lopez really is amazing but he just can't get down with Legado del Fantasma, he's sorry. Quinn walks away and Wilde says no one says no to them. They push Quinn from behind but he turns around and levels them, then clears the ring with ease. Quinn blocks a shot from Lopez, spins her to him and holds her there, then sends her away. Quinn and Lopez stare each other down while circling each other. Quinn exits the ring. Mendoza and Wilde rush the ring but Lopez holds them back. Beth says there's definite sexual tension between Quinn and Lopez.

- NXT War Games is announced for Sunday, December 5.

NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes vs. Pete Dunne

We go back to the ring for tonight's non-title main event as Pete Dunne makes his way out. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Kyle O'Reilly, talking about teaming with Von Wagner for last week's loss to Legado del Fantasma. McKenzie shows us how Von had his foot on the rope during the pin. Kyle wonders if he should stay a singles competitor or go all-in with Von. He says they have something special here and they want to go for the NXT Tag Team Titles. NXT Tag Team Champions Imperium walk up and taunt O'Reilly. Von also appears and asks if there's a problem. Imperium says not on their best day. The champs walk off. We go back to the ring and out comes NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes with Trick Williams as Dunne watches.

The bell rings and Dunne unloads to start. Dunne drops Hayes in the corner and stomps away. Hayes comes out of the corner with a kick but Dunne levels him with a shoulder to drop him. Dunne twists Hayes up by the arm and drops him as fans chant "BruiserWeight!" now. Dunne bends Hayes' fingers back and keeps him down with a boot on his face. Dunne stands on Hayes' hand now, then stomps it as Trick yells out at ringside.

Dunne goes for a back-drop but Hayes counters and goes to work. Hayes with a springboard shoulder. Hayes mounts Dunne with right hands as the referee warns him. Dunne turns it around and twists the arm up again, then kicks Hayes in the arm to continue focusing on softening his limbs up. Hayes counters and shoves Dunne into the corner. Dunne snaps the arm and hand once again, sending Hayes to the floor. Dunne flies out but Hayes counters and slams him face-first into the edge of the apron. Trick argues with the referee as Hayes goes for a suplex. Dunne counters and slams Hayes onto the edge of the apron.

Dunne brings it back into the ring now. Trick is suddenly terrified at ringside as he turns around and sees Dexter Lumis, who is joining the announcers for commentary. Lumis stares Trick down as we go to a picture-in-picture break.

Back from the break and Dunne has Hayes grounded once again, working on his arm and hand. Lumis is on commentary but he's not saying much at all. Dunne continues to stretch Hayes on the mat. Dunne slams Hayes' knee into the mat over and over as Trick looks on from ringside. Dunne kicks Hayes. Hayes kicks back from the mat. Dunne grabs Hayes and nails a running knee to the head. Dunne charges from the corner but Hayes dodges the big boot. Hayes nails a big Codebreaker to turn Dunne inside out in the middle of the ring. Fans chant "holy shit!" but Dunne kicks out at 2.

Fans chant "this is awesome!" now. Hayes walks into a big kick. Hayes scoops Dunne on his shoulders for a Facebuster into the knee, then a big clothesline on the follow-up. Dunne counters a move but Hayes ducks and nails a gutwrench slam for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Trick can't believe it at ringside. Hayes charges in the corner but Dunne counters and nails a big kick, then double knees to the elbow. Dunne with a sitdown powerbomb in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count. Dunne gets up first and dropkicks Hayes. Hayes comes right back with a big kick. Hayes springboards but Dunne rocks him on the way down with a big forearm. Hayes reverses a move in mid-air and levels Dunne with a twisting suplex for another close pin attempt.

Fans chant "NXT!" now as Dunne and Hayes trade strikes from their knees. A "fight forever!" chant starts now. They get up and trade strikes. Hayes takes Dunne down into Johnny Gargano's GargaNo Escape in the middle of the ring. Dunne bends back the fingers to break free. Dunne with several kicks to the face now. Dunne goes behind with a big German suplex. Trick gets his hands stomped on, then Dunne stomps on Hayes and kicks him in the head. Hayes avoids a Bitter End and sends Dunne into the ropes. The referee warns Hayes. Trick looks to deck Dunne but Lumis stops him for a pop. Hayes is distracted by what looks like someone coming from under the ring and reaching up, then disappearing again. Dunne takes advantage of the distraction and nails the Bitter End for the pin to get the non-title win.

Winner: Pete Dunne

- After the match, Dunne stands tall as the music hits. Gargano appears from under the ring and now we know it was him who distracted Hayes. Dunne looks back and forth between Gargano and Hayes. Gargano is all smiles at ringside. Hayes sits up in the corner and clutches the NXT North American Title belt as Trick stands next to him from ringside. NXT 2.0 goes off the air.