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Today’s show will air at a special start time of 4 pm EST!

Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with a powerhouse match!

Flash Morgan Webster vs. Rampage Brown

Both men tie-up. Rampage Brown backs Flash Morgan Webster to the corner, then shuts him down again with a shove. Brown ragdolls Webster across the ring; Webster takes a walk on the outside. Webster fires up a flurry of shots. It’s enough to throw Brown out of the ring temporarily. Brown’s explosive power prevails Webster back down on the mat with a shoulder tackle.

Brown continues to flex his muscles for quite a period of time in this bout. Webster is lucky he hasn’t snapped in two yet. Brown was looking for a gutwrench, but Webster quickly turns it into a guillotine. Brown breaks it up by slamming Webster back first into the turnbuckles. Webster sees an opportunity to connect a perfect tornado DDT! Webster soars off the top with Shadows of Malice, but it isn’t enough to keep the big man down. Brown secures the pinfall victory after hitting his deadly Doctor Bomb.

Winner: Rampage Brown

– The NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura and her protégé Emilia McKenzie are doing last-minute preparations before Satomura’s big match today.

– After Pretty Deadly cost Tyler Bate’s UK Heritage Cup Championship match last week, Trent Seven finds Bate and tells him they’re now going to be part of a Fatal Four-Way match next week for a shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Championship! This is Seven’s way of saying he’s sorry for what’s transpired. Bate doesn’t seem as excited as Seven is about this.

– Xia Brookside finds Sid Scala in his office and asks if she could have a shot at the NXT UK Women’s Title after Satomura-Jinny. He doesn’t think she has enough victories to become the next contender. So, she calls her dad Robbie Brookside to see what he can do.

Up next, the sinister Isla Dawn is in action!

Isla Dawn vs. Angel Hayze

Isla Dawn holds power over Angel Hayze as the match gets going. Hayze ducks an attack from Dawn in the corner and turns it into a rollup for two. Dawn rocks Hayze with a backdrop. She grabs hold of Hayze’s hair and starts to pull some strands out. The referee finds this uncalled for and decides to call this match a disqualification.

Winner By DQ: Angel Hayze

– Sam Gradwell is sick and tired of hearing all about A-Kid and how the media likes to sing his praises.

– Stevie Turner interrupts an interview the crew is doing with SUBCULTURE. Dani Luna tells Turner she could beat her in three seconds.

We hear from The Czar next!

NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov Addresses the WWE Universe:

The fighting champion is here! The fans give him a warm welcome with a round of claps. He says it’s heartwarming to show his son that his dad can conquer anything he sets his mind to. He compliments A-Kid for pushing him to his limit three weeks ago. Now that he’s the face of NXT UK, he wants to continue being a reigning and defending champion. The question is: Who will accept his challenge?

Who comes out, none other than Rampage Brown. The Mad Russian, with glee in his eyes, accepts Brown’s invitation for a title shot. Just as Dragunov puts his hand out for a shake, Brown takes it upon himself to throw the champion down with a nasty lariat. He grabs the title and holds it up proudly.

– Blair Davenport wishes both Jinny and Satomura good luck before their main event match. She also lets them know she’ll be watching closely.

– Teoman and Rohan Raja are sitting down to a meal, talking about a future match against Gallus. While many find Gallus to be a strongly built family, Teoman and Raja think otherwise.

Next week:

No. 1 Contenders Match: Symbiosis vs. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter vs. Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz vs. Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven)

The winners will receive a shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Titles. 

– After hearing Nathan Frazer wants a match with him, Mark Andrews decides he’ll give him a one-on-one contest.

And now, the main event! Can The Final Boss retain the championship, or will The Fashionista reign supreme in the NXT UK women’s division?

NXT UK Women’s Championship: Meiko Satomura (c) (w/Emilia McKenzie) vs. Jinny (w/Joseph Conners)

Jinny holds authority over Meiko Satomura in the beginning with several different lockups. Satomura briefly steers it in her favor, but Jinny shuts it down with a very sturdy wrist torque. Satomura flips Jinny over and cranks in an armlock. Jinny rolls through with head scissors and pins the champ’s shoulders to the mat. Cover. Satomura kicks out at two. Jinny starts to push Satomura’s buttons, which leads to a range of forearm strikes. Satomura fights out of a single leg Boston and smashes a knee into Jinny’s face for two. The champion grounds the Fashionista for a brief moment with a tight side headlock. Jinny finds the corner to break it up. Jinny hinders a middle rope strike from Satomura and goes for another pin. A near-fall follows.

Both women whip up some fiery strikes, which roll back into Satomura’s favor. Satomura lays out some stiff kicks, but it isn’t enough for her to grab this thing in the bag. Jinny surprises The Final Boss with the Facelift (middle rope X-Factor) for a close near-fall. Jinny drags Satomura to the center of the ring and locks in a single-leg Boston Crab. Satomura stammers for a few minutes and finds the bottom rope. The champion finds her momentum again with a high angle frog splash for another heart skip near-fall. Jinny finds the bottom rope before Satomura can fully lock in an arm trap crossface. Jinny capitalizes on a distraction from Joseph Conners and digs up a Touch of Couture (Koppou Kick). She was so close, but no cigar! Satomura finishes her off with her brutal Scorpio Rising axe kick, followed by the Death Valley Bomb to retain her pinnacle title!

Winner & Still Champion: Meiko Satomura

That concludes this week’s NXT UK. Thanks for watching!