WWE NXT UK Results: Gallus Vs. Teoman & Rohan Raja, A-Kid In Action

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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWEΒ NXT UK! We kick things off with a thrilling contest between "The Spanish Sensation" and "The Thunderstorm!"

A-Kid vs. Sam Gradwell

A-Kid ducks underneath and clasps a waistlock on Sam Gradwell. A-Kid sends Gradwell down on the mat with his technical prowess. Gradwell evades and rises back into vertical positioning. Gradwell applies a tight side headlock. A-Kid cartwheels out and locks in the same hold on Gradwell. Gradwell powers out with a nose rake to connect a massive slam for two.

Gradwell starts to level the Spanish Sensation with a round of body shots. The fans join forces with a "You look stupid" chant towards Gradwell. The Thunderstorm continues dictating the pace of this bout with more heavy slams and back-to-back near-fall attempts. Gradwell digs deep with a Boston Crab. A-Kid rolls through, pinning Gradwell's shoulders on the mat. Gradwell was underneath the rope. A-Kid executes a high-angle crossbody for a very close victory.

Gradwell slugs A-Kid across the face with a malicious forearm to even the odds. A-Kid pops up and ensnares an armbar. Gradwell pulverizes him onto the mat with a powerbomb! Their bout spills to the outside. Gradwell plants a suplex and immediately runs back into the ring. A-Kid slides back in by the 8th count. Gradwell turns the former Heritage Cup Champion inside out with a ruthless lariat. Cover. A-Kid leaps out at 2.8! A-Kid seizes an opening from Gradwell by trapping him with another armbar. Gradwell has nowhere to turn. He taps, giving A-Kid the submission victory!

Winner: A-Kid

- We take a look at Rampage Brown and Flash Morgan Webster's matchup from two weeks ago. After their match, it was reported that Webster sustained a shoulder injury that will keep him out of action for the unforeseeable future. We wish him a speedy recovery.

- The NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov finds out his title defense against Rampage Brown will occur in two weeks. The Mad Russian isn't sweating it. He promises he will come out of their fight victorious and still the NXT UK Champion.

Aleah James vs. Nina Samuels

Aleah James takes her fight to Nina Samuels with a firm side headlock. Samuels counters out with a cartwheel. James sends Samuels face-first onto the mat with a trip toehold. Samuels presses her boots down on James' hair and traps her with a stretch. She maintains control in this match with two simultaneous backbreakers. Samuels drags James to the center and bends her leg into an excruciating position. James lands a dropkick and formulates a major upset as she rolls Samuels up in a small package, and earns the pinfall victory.

Winner: Aleah JamesΒ Β 

Backstage:Β The new Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar and Sha Samuels interrupt Sam Gradwell's post-match interview.

- Just minutes after her big win against Nina Samuels, Aleah James tells an NXT UK reporter how much that victory meant. Once she leaves the interview, she walks right into Isla Dawn, who blindly ambushes her.

Saxon Huxley vs. Kenny Williams

Kenny Williams keeps Saxon Huxley grounded at the beginning of the bout. Huxley tosses Williams out of the ring like a ragdoll. Once Williams returns to the ring, he storms in with a malicious spear on Huxley's injured knee. Williams goes for the first pinfall, and Huxley kicks out at two. Huxley starts to find himself in the middle of this bout with a big crossbody. Williams ducks underneath the ring and sneaks up behind him with an unruly right hand. Williams ends this thing with his Bad Luck finisher.

Winner: Kenny Williams

- Xia Brookside arrives at the BT Sport studio. She's late for a training session. She provides a note to her coach on why she can't train. Right now, her focus is on getting an NXT UK Women's Title shot.

Next week on NXT UK:

* "The Irish Ace" Jordan Devlin will return to action against Mark Andrews

And now, the main event!

Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) (w/Joe Coffey) vs. Teoman & Rohan Raja

Teoman and Wolfgang kick things off. Wolfgang maintains leadership with a tight wristlock before sending Teoman towards his corner to tag in Mark Coffey. Coffey keeps Teoman grounded for a few seconds before making a hot tag back to Wolfgang. Teoman and Rohan Raja join forces on the outside with an unmerciful set of stomps and forearm smashes on Mark Coffey. Teoman and Rohan Raja continue cutting the ring off. Both men make uninterrupted tags up until Coffey leaps over to make a tag to Wolfgang.

Wolfgang comes in hot with a double axe handle on Raja. The onslaught continues with a crossbody for two. Wolfgang starts feeling the effects of Teoman and makes a desperate tag to Coffey. While Gallus is taking care of Teoman and Raja, Charlie Dempsey sneaks out and surprises Joe Coffey with an unexpected attack. It looks like his allegiance lies with Teoman and Raja. Thanks to Dempsey's distraction, Teoman and Raja earn the main event victory.

Winners: Teoman & Rohan Raja

Post-Match:Β Teoman, Rohan Raja, and Charlie Dempsey proceed to pummel Gallus just as the show concludes.

That concludes this week's episode of NXT UK. Thanks for watching!