RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair

We go right to the ring and out comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair for tonight’s opener as Mike Rome does the introduction. RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is out next.

The bell rings and they immediately start brawling with right hands. Flair rams Lynch into the corner and the referee has to separate them. Flair rushes but Lynch kicks her. Flair takes out Lynch’s knee from the back. Flair keeps going for the knee but Lynch turns it into the Dis-Arm-Her. They break and get back to their feet but Lynch drops Flair with a shot to the nose. Flair tackles Lynch and mounts her with rights.

Flair and Lynch go tot he floor and tangle, but Lynch shoves Flair face-first into the ring post, then the barrier. Lynch returns to the ring as the referee counts and Flair recovers at ringside. Flair comes back in but Lynch stomps her. Flair blocks the Man-Handle Slam, into a backbreaker. Flair kicks Lynch in the back of the neck and now stands tall as the crowd boos and cheers.

Flair man-handles Lynch, slamming her face into the mat over and over. Flair stands tall for the crowd now. Lynch catches Flair on the top rope but Flair turns it around and runs her shoulder-first into the ring post. Lynch falls out to the floor as the crowd goes wild. Flair goes to the apron but then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Flair goes for the moonsault to the floor but Lynch jumps up on the apron and shoves Flair off the top, to the floor. Flair hits her head on the barrier and may have hurt her knee on the fall. Lynch follows and Flair slams her back into the barrier.

Flair breaks the count as they return to the ring. They both crawl at each other, yelling and taunting each other. They get up to their feet and unload with punches and slaps. Flair clotheslines Lynch. Flair mounts Lynch with more strikes. Lynch kicks out at 1 and Flair smiles. Flair keeps Lynch down, working her around the ring. Lynch rocks Flair in the nose but Flair elbows her into the corner. Flair with a big chop but Lynch slaps h er. Flair with more big rights until the referee pulls her of. Flair blocks a kick and decks Lynch in the corner again. Lynch kicks Flair in the face. Flair catches Lynch for a tilt-a-whirl slam but it’s blocked with a Dis-Arm-Her attempt, which is also blocked. Flair ends up slamming Lynch again with a powerbomb but Lynch kicks out. Flair laughs.

Flair rolls Lynch over for another quick pin attempt. Lynch rolls Flair up for 2. They trade more offense on the mat but get up and Flair sends her into the turnbuckles. Lynch turns it around in the corner and unloads with kicks, then punches as the referee pulls her off. Fans do duel chants now. Lynch with a slap and more strikes in the corner. Lynch goes for an overhead suplex but it’s blocked and Flair launches Lynch into the turnbuckles with a big overhead suplex. Flair kips up and plays to the crowd. Flair talks trash and drags Lynch over for another pin attempt. Flair goes to the top now, stepping on Lynch to get there. Flair wastes some time but climbs up for the moonsault. She goes for it but lands on her feet as Lynch moves. Flair immediately goes for another moonsault and barely hits it for a 2 count.

Flair taunts Becky while down. Lynch slaps her. Flair goes for a suplex but Lynch rolls her for a 2 count. Flair eats a right hand and keeps control. Lynch sends Flair to the apron but Flair fights in, hanging Becky up on the top rope. Flair regroups at ringside as the referee counts. Flair comes in with a big boot but it’s blocked. Lynch unloads while Flair is stuck on the apron now. Lynch with kicks and punches, then a big second rope leg drop over the back of the neck. Flair kicks out at 2. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. They get up and trade strikes. Lynch takes Flair down into a double arm bar, into a roll-up for 2. Lynch talks trash and uppercuts Flair, and again, and again. Lynch charges and dodges a big boot but Flair drops her with a back elbow for a 2 count.

Flair taunts Lynch as she crawls to the ropes. Becky with a back elbow to knock Flair way. They tangle some more but Flair levels her with a big boot for a close 2 count. Flair yells at the referee and shows some frustration. Lynch blocks a submission. Lynch comes back with an inverted DDT for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Lynch mounts Flair with more strikes. Lynch grinds her boot on Flair to keep her down. Flair stops Lynch from walking away to the corner. Lynch mounts her and unloads with strikes. Lynch drags Flair to the corner and then goes to the top as some fans cheer and some boo. Lynch climbs up for the leg drop but Flair moves. Flair misses a big boot. Lynch with the Man-Handle Slam but Flair gets her leg on the bottom rope to break it up.

Lynch drags Flair for the Figure Four but doesn’t have it fully locked in as Flair screams out. They call each other a b---h and throw strikes while in the submission. Flair turns it over and now Lynch grabs the bottom rope to break it but Flair takes advantage of the 5 count. Fans chant “this is awesome!” again as Flair and Lynch recover from the submissions on the mat. Flair knocks Lynch from the apron to the floor with a running big boot. Flair goes to the top rope for the big moonsault to the floor and she connects but barely, still taking Lynch down. Flair barks to the camera about how she’s the greatest ever. Flair brings it back in and covers for a 2 count. Flair goes right into Lynch’s Dis-Arm-Her finisher in the middle of the ring.

Lynch crawls to the bottom rope to break her own hold. They trade big strikes now. Flair rolls Lynch up and uses the rope for leverage but the referee catches her. Lynch immediately counters and rolls Flair up with the same move, also using the rope for leverage but the referee didn’t catch that one. Lynch gets the pin.

Winner: Becky Lynch

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