Xavier Woods Wants His WWE Entrance Music To Be Inspired By 80’s Sitcom Theme

On the latest episode of the Out of Character Podcast with Ryan Satin, King Xavier Woods joined the show to talk about his relationship with fellow New Day members Big E and Kofi Kingston. The 2021 King of the Ring spoke about what it meant for him and Big E to break out as of late and take the next step that Kofi did back at WrestleMania 35 when he became WWE Champion.

"I definitely think so and it's props to Kofi and props to [Big] E for even listening to me when I came up to them with this idea of being a group," Xavier Woods said. "They could've easily said no and shunned me by the waste side and who knows what would've happened then. Luckily, those two guys there like the two most amazing people that I haven't met just in wrestling but in life. They make me want to be better at all times and that's kind of why I've been doing everything I can to go off since the achilles tear. It's one of those things where there's that loud minority like 'He's the third wheel, Woods is not doing anything as big as Kofi and E,' which is whatever. Have your point, have your opinion, I appreciate you watching the show and giving us your interaction and appreciate everything you're saying. I really wanted to do what I could to remind people that didn't know who I was before I got here that I do stuff sometimes.

Since joining the main roster, Woods has shuffled through several tag teams and factions which hasn't allowed him to have his own entrance music in WWE. The King of the Ring said he'd like to get his own entrance music and listed off who he'd like to sing it.

"I haven't had my own theme music ever," Xavier Woods said. "So for people that don't know or are unaware, when I first came up I came with R-Truth, just like I did elsewhere. Then I somehow stole Brodus Clay's music which was Ernest 'The Cat' Miller's music before him and then I was in the New Day. So since I've been on the main roster I've never once had my own theme music.

"I would probably get something done by Mega Ran, a fantastic rapper in the video game community and overall. I would love for him to do something with this guy named Sayzee, who's a rapper out of Canada who I very much enjoy. He does a lot of hip hop, a lot of Dragon Ball Z and horror related rap. They're probably my two favorite rappers so if I could have something with both of them, I would love it. Maybe over the Golden Girls theme with a trap beat underneath it."

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