AEW Dynamite Results (12/1) – CM Punk In Action, Sting Competes, Cody Vs. Andrade, More

Welcome to our Live AEW Dynamite Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the Gas South Arena in Duluth, GA. Our live coverage starts at 8pm ET. Please share coverage of tonight's Viewing Party on social media and chime in with your thoughts in the Comments section below.


-Tonight's AEW Dynamite opens live from the Gas South Arena with Excalibur and Tony Schiavone running down the card and wishing JR all the best. Hangman Page then appears as he is set for commentary during the opening match. The AEW World Champion is banned from ringside for this one.

Bryan Danielson vs. Alan "5" Angels

The two men start with a lockup as Bryan Danielson is met with thunderous boos. He attempts to attack Allan Angels in the corner but misses wildly and The Dark Order member beings the five-count punch in the corner. However, the number one contender responds with a vicious uppercut as he begins his beatdown.

Bryan follows it up with some sharp chops and kicks in the corner before hitting a running dropkick as he remains in control. Angels almost catches Danielson with a backslide but he quickly gets back on track with a butterfly suplex. Angels continues fighting though and then sends his opponent outside the ring, following it up with a tope suicida and a moonsault from the second turnbuckle to the outside.


Back in the ring Angels connects with a Spanish Fly, which gets him a two count. However, he then crashes and burns with the Moonsault Press, and when he gets up Danielson nails him with his Running Knees. However, Danielson refuses to go for the pinfall.

He wags his wings and begins nailing Angels with stomps to the face. Bryan then locks in the Knee Bar and starts flexing while he locks it in, forcing the submission. However, Danielson doesn't relinquish the hold straight away as he poses again on the turnbuckle.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

-Danielson is interviewed after the match by Tony Schiavone. He says if that is the best Atlanta has got, he whooped his ass. Danielson says not only did he kick his head in, but he thinks he snapped his MCL.  He says next week there is a Dark Order member from Long Island and he will stomp his head in as well. He then tells Hangman that in two weeks he takes the AEW World Championship. Bryan says he will show it's not Cowboy Sh*t, it's Coward Sh*t.

Hangman tries to come down to the ring, but John Silver stops him and he hits the ring instead. However, Danielson bails. He says Silver is beneath him, just like Page. Danielson goads Page and says he would love to slap him in the face. However, he claims the fans don't deserve to see it, and Bryan walks to the back.


-Miro is shown in a white room saying he has been questioning what he needs to do. However, his God has revealed it to him. He says now he will only bring fear.

Lee Moriarty vs. CM Punk

-Before the match gets going, MJF makes his way out and joins commentary for this match. He says that he's nervous or Punk and claims he has been binge drinking since his match with QT Marshall. He also adds that CM stands for Cooking Meth. He also announces the Diamond Ring Battle Royale for next week.

The encounter gets underway with Lee Moriarty taking control, bringing him down to the mat, and controlling the early exchanges, hitting an arm drag. CM Punk begins to build up some momentum though with several shoulder tackles in the corner which he follows with a leg lariat. Punk then hits a diving lariat from the second rope as he begins to take control.

Punk then hits several powerslams as he then launches Moriarty across the ring with a deep Irish whip. Despite that, the young wrestler does fight back and connects with a crossbody in order to create some distance between them. Punk misses with the knee in the corner as Moriarty hits a big clothesline and then a boot to the face.

Punk responds with a boot up in the corner and then hits a crossbody, but Moriarty rolls through and almost got the win! CM Punk kicks out at two, but Moriarty transitions straight into a Crossface, but Punk gets to the ropes. He sets Moriarity onto the top turnbuckle where he connects with a hurricanrana. However, Moriarty rolls through and almost sneaks a win again.


The two men trade pinfall attempts but when they get back to their feet, Punk drops his opponent with a sweet kick to the face. Moriarty then builds up some momentum with several major moves, dropping Punk as he gets a near fall. However, Punk then flips Moriarty over his shoulder in order to hit the GTS.

Winner: CM Punk 

-After the match, MJF gets onto the microphone. He claims to be proud of Punk for saying he's the best in the world when he's struggling to beat QT Marshall and Lee Moriarty. He says the only thing he's best at is trying to get in Britt Baker's pants. He claims he is One Pump Jump.

Punk then gets on the microphone and says MJF can talk all he wants about him struggling to win. However, the talent he's beaten are better than him, and he knows it. Punk tells MJF to shut up and bring his needle d*ck to the ring right now. MJF says Punk needs him more than otherwise.

MJF says next week he will win the Diamond Dozen Battle Royale. He claims he will be amongst fans he appreciates next week. MJF tells Punk to not bring his maggot of a dog anymore because if he does he will put Larry to sleep. Punk has heard enough and he heads up the ramp, but Wardlow then gets in the way.

-Britt Baker is backstage with Tony Schiavone. She says it was disgusting what Tony Khan did to her last week while Jamie says she was busy having one of the best matches in the TBS tournament. Baker points out she lost, but Jamie reminds her she did the same when facing Thunder Rosa. Baker reveals Hayter will face Riho next week.


-Adam Cole makes his way out to commentate on the upcoming match. Orange Cassidy then heads out as well and they face off. However, The Young Bucks sneak behind him and go for Superkicks, but Cassidy sees them. He starts hitting his classic slow kicks but Cole then nails a low blow. They then mock Cassidy's slow kicks before hitting double superkicks. The trio teases a combined BTE Trigger, but Chuck Taylor and Wheeler Yuta chase them off.

-Tony Nese is shown backstage in a pre-taped segment and he claims Sammy Guevara doesn't deserve to be champion. He says on Rampage, he will change all of that and he will put the title around a Premier Athlete's waist.

Wardlow w/Shawn Spears vs. AC Adams 

AC Adams slaps the chest of Wardlow which angers him. Adams tries to bounce off him from the ropes but it makes no impact. Wardlow nails a powerbomb and then follows it up with another. The fans want one more and he ends up doing another two before scoring the win.

Winner: Wardlow

-After the match, Spears adds insult to injury by attacking the debutant several times with a chair.

-Rey Fenix is unable to be here this week, so FTR will be facing Pentagon and PAC. He says he is good to fight on Friday night, even though he is wearing an eye patch following the mist last week.


Gunn Club vs. Sting & Darby Allin

Team Taz are on commentary for this one. Darby Allin tries to go behind Colten Gunn, but he gets nailed with an elbow and then a shoulder tackle. Allin's first arm drag is blocked, but his second isn't. He nails a dropkick and this allows Billy Gunn to tag in. This leads to Sting entering the match and he starts hitting a flurry of back fists and then a clothesline.

Billy avoids the Stinger Splash by getting out of the ring. Colten comes back in and so does Darby, but Billy makes a blind tag and he catches Darby in mid-air as he then plants him down to the mat with real power. The Gunn Club then isolate Darby in their corner, sucking the momentum out of the match. Colten launches his opponent into the corner as Allin bounces into the ring post and actually cuts his head.

Allin connects with the jawbreaker, but he is then sent back into his opponent's corner. Billy then lifts and throws Darby behind him, but Darby lands on his feet only to be dropped to the mat again by Billy. However, Darby then sends Austin into Billy, and this allows the Stinger to get involved. He takes care of both men and hits several Stinger Splashes.

Colten eats a Spinebuster and he follows that with a Scorpion Deathlock. Billy can't break things up but with the official distracted, Austin Gunn breaks up the pinfall. Darby then launches himself at Austin on the outside while in the ring, Sting gets hit with a Famouser.


He kicks out and Darby then dives onto Billy outside of the ring. But in it, Allin sets up the Scorpion Death Drop on Colten to get the win.

Winners: Sting & Darby Allin

-Chris Jericho is interviewed backstage and says he didn't come to Eddie Kingston's aid last week. He was just out there to take out 2.0. However, as the promo continues they appear backstage and jump Jericho with Daniel Garcia. It ends with a big chair shot to the head as they leave him laying. It is then confirmed Jericho will not be at Rampage.

-Lio Rush appears and tells Taz it is his job to know him as he is a commentator. Rush says he is a fighter and the people know that. He won't be going down without putting up a fight and Dante Martin then appears and celebrates with the group.

- Mark Sterling and Jade Cargill are shown. They talk about her upcoming match on Rampage with Janai Kai and Thunder Rosa appears and says she will be commentating for Jade's match.

Kris Statlander vs. Ruby Soho (TBS Tournament Quarter-Final Match)

Kris Statlander brings Ruby Soho down to the mat early on but things start out very even between them. Ruby has the chance to hit a closed fist punch but she doesn't. They continue wrestling and Statlander has the chance to kick her, but she doesn't. Instead, Kris does a little boot, almost mocking her.


Ruby then ends up coming off the top rope to try and hit a monkey flip, but Statlander styles it out with a handstand. They keep going back and forth but Ruby then drops her opponent with a flat liner, which gets a two count. Statlander fires back with a standing vertical suplex. Statlander looks for a senton but misses and Soho responds with a shot to the back of the head.

Ruby hits a sharp kick to Kris, but this doesn't get the job done either. Ruby tries to hit a bulldog but instead, it is reversed into a Blue Thunder Bomb, which gets a two count. Statlander then powers her up and hits a buckle bomb before planting her to the ring, with Ruby kicking out just in time. She then goes for a running elbow but Ruby fights back and begins brawling against Statlander in the corner.

She tries to slam Statlander into the top turnbuckle, but it ends up with Ruby hitting a poisonrana. She follows that with the Rana, but somehow Statlander kicks out, which leaves Ruby shocked. Kris then fights back in and tries to hit the Big Bang Theory, but Ruby is able to reverse it and she sneaks a pinfall victory with a roll-up. After the match, the women shake hands.

Winner: Ruby Soho

- Vickie Guerrero then gets in the face of Kris Statlander at the top of the ramp. Meanwhile inside the ring, Nyla Rose launches Soho from the top rope to the mat. Kris runs down to help, but Nyla is able to get out to avoid it.


Andrade El Idolo w/Jose vs. Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson (Atlanta Street Fight)

Before Cody can make his entrance he and Arn Anderson are jumped. Anderson falls down the side of the stage while Andrade and Cody battle around the fans, with Cody using someone's, drink to smash into him. He then gets a trash can and launches it at Andrade and they brawl amongst the audience.

Cody gets up on the guard rail and hits a moonsault and then they brawl back to the ringside area. Andrade turns the steel stairs upside down and he drops Cody face-first into the corner of it. Cody responds by sending Andrade into steel post as he then hits him with a chair to the face. He teases throwing the weight belt but Andrade connects with a low blow. He then uses the belt to whip Andrade and then he launches the belt to the fans.

Andrade then goes into his bag and he gets out a laptop which he smashes into Cody's face. He follows that up with a huge chair shot to the face and he teases the fans with using a table, which he puts away.

Later in the match, Cody nails Andrade with a chain and then hit a powerslam as the crowd booed. Cody went for a tope suicida outside the ring, but was met by a steel chair from Andrade. Andrade pulled up the mat and went for a piledriver, but Cody turned it into a backdrop. Andrade went back into the ring as Cody pulled out items from under the ring, including a kendo stick, a sledgehammer (the crowd booed), and then finally a golden shovel. Jose ran down to the ring, but Cody nailed him with the shovel. Andrade then flew over the ring ropes and hit Cody with a splash outside of the ring. Back in the ring, and Andrade placed a chair over Cody's head in the corner and then smashed his knees into the chair. Andrade went for a cover but got a two count.


Andrade brings in a table and manages to send Cody crashing through it. The two men then have a tug of war over another table. It gets set up and they then brawl on the top rope. However, Brandi Rhodes then appears with lighter fluid and she sets the table on fire! Cody then sends Andrade (and himself) crashing through the burning table, and while he is still on fire he pins him for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes