AEW Rampage Results (12/11) – Tag Team Title Match, Hook Debuts, Cole In Action

Welcome to our Live AEW Rampage Viewing Party.  Tonight's show comes from the new UBS Arena at Belmont Park in Elmont, NY, which is Long Island. Our live coverage starts at 10pm ET. Please share coverage of tonight's Viewing Party on social media and chime in with your thoughts in the Comments section below.


AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: Lucha Brothers (c) vs. FTR

Things are kicking off with a bang tonight as the AEW World Tag Team Championships are on the line. Dax Harwood and Rey Fenix kick things off with FTR taking control. Despite that, Fenix turns things around and he manages to take down both of his opponents as Penta tags in.

Fenix stans on his brother's shoulders and drops down with the splash, but Harwood kicks out. Cash Wheeler then brings himself in as Penta tries to hit his classic glove spot, but Wheeler stops it. Penta ends up getting out of it and he tries again, but this time he is goading his opponent in and he nails a superkick. FTR manages a blind tag but so does Fenix and he launches into takedown Wheeler.


However, Harwood gets revenge for his partner by planting him onto the ring apron. With the referee distracted, Tully Blanchard adds some pressure onto Fenix on the ropes. He tries to tag out but Dax nails him with a forearm. However, he tries to go to the top rope and gets cut off by Fenix as he takes him down instead. Wheeler senses the danger and tags in, hitting a dropkick as he does the Eddie Guerrero dance.

The heels remain in control, Rey's speed gets him out of it and both members of FTR eat a slingblade from Penta. However, Wheeler sneaks from behind and almost steals a victory with a roll-up. However, Fenix responds well by nailing Made In Japan, yet Wheeler can kick out just in time.  Tully then gets up on the apron and tries to punch Fenix, but he reverses it and drops the legend.

He then hits the ring with athletic attacks to each member of FTR in the corners. However, Harwood catches him in mid-air and he hits a slingshot Liger Bomb, but Rey kicks out just in time. FTR then try to cheat with the AAA Tag Team Championship.

The official sees and tries to pull it away, but when Feniz launches it, he turns around and hits Dac head-first. He then runs across the ropes to kick Wheeler in the face. However, when he drops down to Harwood, the FTR star responds with a punch to the face, but it doesn't get the job done.


Fenix then gets hit with the Big Rig, but Penta is able to make the save just in time. All four men then square off and they go back and forth with big, tired punches. Fenix rolls through to nail Dax with a cutter but Wheeler reverses that. Cash then tries to use the ropes to his benefit by bouncing and rolling through, but Penta also rolls through. They then hit Fear Factor while Fenix launches himself out of the ring to Archer.

Winners: The Lucha Brothers

Ruby Soho, Tay Conti, & Anna Jay vs. Nyla Rose, The Bunny, & Penelope Ford

Tay Conti starts out in the ring but Nyla Rose demands Ruby Soho tags in. Conti refuses and tries to fight, but she is quickly taken down as The Bunny is brought in. She follows that with a high roundhouse kick and in comes Anna Jay. She and Tay launch themselves into their, eventually connecting with a big boot.

However, a distraction from Vickie Guerrero opens things up, but Penelope catches Tay with a huge boot. The heels then isolate Conti in their corner as they pick her apart. She tries to fight back but The Bunny just drops her to her knees. They both then go for forearms with each woman going down.

Ruby Soho tags in though and she lights up Ford with several lick and knee strikes. She follows that with a low leg sweep. Despite that, Rose tags in and she simply runs through Soho and follows it with a leg drop. A bear hug is then applied and she sends Ruby face-first into the boots of her teammates.


Tay Conti takes out The Bunny and this leads to all the women slowly taking each other out one by one as all six women end up down. Vickie hands some brass knuckles to The Bunny and she swings them towards Anna Jay, connecting. Cont takes The Bunny out as they brawl, but inside the ring, Nyla hits a Beast Bomb to win for her team.

Winners: Nyla Rose, The Bunny, & Penelope Ford

- Tony Schiavone is backstage set to interview Sting and Darby Allin. However, before he gets his question out, FTR ambushes them from behind. This leads to a brawl between them all backstage with the former WWE Superstars coming out on top due to the one-man advantage. Tully Blanchard nails a low blow to Sting and tells him, "one more time."

Hook vs. Fuego Del Sol

Hook makes his entrance for his debut and he gets a huge response from the crowd. The two men begin grappling and Hook gets the best of the situation twice as Fuego Del Sol has to get to the ropes. He ends up trash-talking the official which almost gets Hook caught out with a roll-up, but Hook immediately regains control with a freestyle bow and arrow.

The Team Taz member then hits several rights and lefts to the body. Hook hits the El Camino but Fuego fires back with a dropkick as he then fires into the corner several times. He tries for a tornado DDT but Hook slams on the breaks. He launches his opponent and then nails a lariat.


Hook rags at the mask as he slams in several clubbing blows. He then puts his opponent to sleep with a Katahajime, scoring a victory on an impressive debut.

Winner: Hook

- Mark Henry is then shown interviewing tonight's main event stars. Adam Cole says the Best Friends are back together and Matt Jackson mocks Trent's new haircut. Cole says Wheeler has potential but he's with the wrong crew. Trent then questions if the promo should be about him as he's back, but Orange Cassidy says it's about Yuta. He promises that he'll surprise Cole. Henry tells us, it's time for the main event!

Adam Cole vs. Wheeler Yuta

Adam Cole immediately takes the fight to Wheeler Yuta, dropping him to the mat with a big elbow strike. However, the Best Friends member responds with a dropkick, but as he tries to charge at him full speed, Cole nails a superkick. He then hits a snap suplex as he talks trash to the rest of Yuta's friends on the outside. He then mocks Orange Cassidy's classic kicks.

However, Yuta responds with a couple of pinfall attempts, but he fires back with a pump kick. The Elite member continues his domination with a neck breaker and he then dumps him out of the ring. Cole feints a kick and he then connects with one at the knee. He looks for the Panama Sunrise, but Yuta responds with a backdrop and then hits a crossbody to keep up the attack.


Yuta then charges in with an elbow strike in the corner and then a diving elbow strike, and this time Cole has to kick out to keep the match alive. Cole hits an enziguri and Yuta spills to the outside, but he grabs the bottom rope and bounces back in, immediately hitting a German suplex. Both men then scale to the top turnbuckle, but Yuta fights Cole down and then hits an Olympic slam in the ring.

Yuta goes to the top rope, but as he drops down, Cole gets the knees up. He follows that with a kick to the head and he then nails the Boom and this one is over.

Winner: Adam Cole 

- After the match the two groups stare each other down inside the ring. However, Bobby Fish appears from outside of the ring, pulling Trent out of the ring to help the group with the numbers. The Elite dispose of everyone from the ring other than Orange Cassidy. Adam Cole looks to hit the Panama Sunrise, but opts against it, and instead he nails a low blow kick. However, they then connect with the BTE Trigger on Trent in order to wrap up the show.