Earlier this week, Wade Keller of PWTorch reported that “unlike Cody (Rhodes),” CM Punk has been “interacting more” with talents in the AEW locker room, insinuating that Rhodes has been less approachable as a mentor.

Keller said, “Unlike Cody, Punk is interacting more with the wrestlers. I’ve heard of multiple occasions of wrestlers saying they’ve come up to Punk with a question and he’s been super receptive. Like, ‘I got all the time in the world for you type approach. Not ‘Oh, I’m busy with my own stuff…’ The body language with Punk for people who have approached him is he’s been super cool. In fact, one younger wrestler on the roster told me ‘yeah, he’s been super chill and receptive since he’s got here. He’s a good dude.’ So all reviews on Punk are good.”

Although Keller’s report was not a jab at Rhodes, but just an observation of what he’s heard from talents in the AEW locker room, several wrestlers such as Fuego Del Sol and QT Marshall have come to the defense of Rhodes.

Marshall tweeted that Rhodes is approachable even when he’s “filming one of his 30 TV shows.”

Idk who gives Wade his info! “Unlike Cody” … I wish Cody was unapproachable. So when he’s filming one of his 30 tv shows, I’d have his locker room in peace. Instead, all the younger talent in the company feels the need to come by & grab a book or pitch their shitty ideas.

Meanwhile, Del Sol called Keller’s sources “trash” and pointed out how Cody & Bandi Rhodes gifted all the talents with Holiday gifts this past week. You can see the relevant tweets below.

H/T to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription

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