Austin Theory Wants To Retire WWE Legend At WrestleMania

In a new interview with Alternative Sport, rising WWE superstar Austin Theory shared some more about his affinity for his childhood hero, John Cena. But when faced with the question of if he'd rather win the tag team titles with John Cena or retire him at WrestleMania, Austin chose the latter.

"I think for Austin Theory, yeah, you'd have to really not see Cena anymore 'cause I'd have to retire him. I'd have to do it, man," Austin said with a chuckle.

If not a major match like one-on-one with John Cena, Austin Theory is open to countless other possibilities. He notes how his main goal above everything else is to make to the biggest show of the year. Whether he's competing for championship gold or not, the fresh WWE talent explains how it's more about just being on the show itself.

"For myself, I love going at a steady pace and being prepared for every time I'm pushed forward to a situation. Yeah, I think a United States Championship match [at WrestleMania] would be cool. An Intercontinental Championship match, a WWE Championship match. I think, for Austin Theory, it's not about how everybody else sees things like, 'Oh, the Universal Title is the biggest match. Oh, the United States title is not as big.' I think every match on WrestleMania stands alone for itself," Austin said. "So, I think anything I do on that show, it'll just be great. So I can't really pinpoint a certain thing because I think everything you can do at WrestleMania is great, so let's just see what happens and I'll definitely be prepared for it, whatever it is."

Austin Theory has recently been involved in a storyline with Vince McMahon that began at the WWE Survivor Series 2021. He was scripted as the one who stole Cleopatra's $100 million golden egg from Vince's desk, but this led to Vince granting him a match with WWE Champion Big E on the post-Survivor Series RAW, which Big E won. The storyline has been continuing and seems to be setting him up for a feud against Finn Balor.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Alternative Sport with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.