B-Fab On Why Signing A WWE Contract Puts Talent In A “Scary Situation”

Former WWE Superstar and Hit Row Records member B-Fab was recently involved in a virtual signing with K&S WrestleFest where she weighed in on several topics. B-Fab was released earlier this year by WWE due to budget cuts. However, despite that, she revealed she would return to the company if the opportunity arrived.

"I would because there are so many things obviously that us as a group still has to accomplish and wanted to accomplish as a group. And definitely, I would go back for the fans, of course," she stated. "Because you guys are amazing. The support is just insane."

B-Fab went on to give more insight into WWE contracts. She believes they are more like agreements than actual deals due to the fact WWE can terminate them whenever they like.

"It's a sad situation because I don't even know if you could call it a contract. Most contracts have to be worked through until they're finished," she said. "So with them being able to terminate whenever, it's more in the lines of an agreement these days. If you want to live your life, you can't put your life onto this agreement because they can change whenever they want.

"So it's kind of hard for you to do life and plan for you when you don't know what could happen from day-to-day. It's not as secure, it's a very scary situation to put yourself in," she claimed. "If you're putting your all into that and you really want that, just like all of us, me included. It's very difficult to say if it's even worth it."

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