Backstage Talk On Veer Mahaan’s WWE Status

WWE reportedly had no significant plans in place for Veer Mahaan when they began airing the vignettes for his official RAW re-debut back in October.

There's no word on if WWE officials have decided on a creative direction for Veer since then, but Fightful Select adds that WWE sources are self-aware of the comedic nature behind stretching the re-debut out for this long.

Veer once worked RAW with Jinder Mahal and Shanky until they were sent to SmackDown in the WWE Draft. It was noted that there was "no real rhyme or reason" behind the split, and for a while many assumed Veer would join them on SmackDown.

There is a feeling within WWE that Veer has had the most upside of Shanky or Saurav Gurjar, who Veer teamed with in WWE NXT.

As we've noted, Veer has recent WWE Main Event wins over Cedric Alexander, John Morrison and T-BAR. He has been backstage for several recent RAW shows, even tapings where he was not booked for Main Event.

Stay tuned for more.