WWE Producer To Wrestle Harland On Next Week’s WWE NXT 2.0

Veteran pro wrestler (The) Brian Kendrick is returning to the ring on next week's WWE NXT 2.0 episode.

As we've noted, Harland made his in-ring debut on last week's NXT by dominating Guru Raaj in singles action. After the bout, Harland destroyed Raaj again until WWE officials ordered him out of the ring, and to the backstage area. A later backstage segment had officials, including WWE Coach/Producer Kendrick, guiding Harland and Joe Gacy down a flight of stairs. Harland snapped and tossed Kendrick down the steps. It was later noted on commentary that Kendrick had been transported to a local hospital and was in rough shape with a possible cervical fracture.

In an update, this week's NXT show featured a segment where Gacy asked for time to issue a public apology over last week's actions by Harland.

Gacy said Harland felt it in his heart to apologize, but he's a sensitive man and too far shaken up to speak on the situation. Gacy pointed to the regret on Harland's face, and says Kendrick triggered an emotion in Harland that took him back to when people didn't love him or care for him as much as Gacy does. Gacy then said he didn't condone violence, but Kendrick put his hands on Harland, used offensive language, and called him a freak. Gacy went on and said some people might think Kendrick brought this on himself, but Gacy wasn't there to make that argument. He ended the promo by hoping everyone will learn and grow from the incident, and thanking the announcers for their time.

Kendrick later appeared in a backstage segment, wearing a neck brace. He thanked Gacy for the apology, but said it felt like Gacy thinks Kendrick should be the one to apologize. Kendrick said he's been thinking about the situation, so earlier in the day he resigned as a WWE Performance Center Coach, and signed a waiver that will allow him to compete in the shape he's in. He ended the segment by declaring that if Harland wants an apology, he can get it in the ring next week.

WWE later confirmed Harland vs. Kendrick for next Tuesday's NXT 2.0 episode.

Kendrick has not wrestled since teaming with Mansoor for a win over 2point0 on the October 30 edition of WWE 205 Live. Kendrick announced earlier this year that he was semi-retired, and that he was transitioning into the role of a WWE Producer, but would still wrestle part-time.

There's no word on if this will be a one-off for Kendrick in NXT, or if he will continue to wrestle. Kendrick will still work as a producer for the company and the resignation is just a part of the storyline.

Stay tuned for more on Harland and Kendrick. Below are related tweets from NXT 2.0, along with video that includes both backstage segments from this week: