Top Star Makes His Return On AEW Dynamite

Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho made his surprise return on tonight's episode of AEW Dynamite, running into the ring to ward off Team 2.0 (Daniel Garcia, Matt Lee, and Jeff Parker) after they attacked Santana with the ring bell.


The closing moments of Eddie Kingston, Santana, & Ortiz vs. Team 2.0 (Daniel Garcia, Matt Lee, and Jeff Parker) saw Matt Lee use Santana's gear to secure the 3-count on him. But to add insult to injury, the team forced Santana to take a head-on shot with the steel ring bell after they won.

That was when 'The Demo-God' Chris Jericho made his return to AEW, running in with his signature baseball bat, Floyd, to ward off Team 2.0. Though his fellow Inner Circle members Santana & Ortiz were grateful for Chris' assistance, Eddie Kingston seemed frustrated about the whole ordeal. The two seemed to exchange heated words as Santana & Ortiz broke them apart.

Chris has been absent from AEW recently as he finished up his tour with Fozzy. As the tour was coming to a close, it was revealed that Chris Jericho was hospitalized due to non-COVID-19 issue. This caused some issues with the final performances of the tour, but shortly after reports emerged about being admitted to the hospital, Jericho took to social media and showed he was well and mobile again.


You can see highlights from the segment below: