Eddie Kingston Reveals His Next AEW Goal

Eddie Kingston recently did an interview with CBS Sports. Kingston discussed how his family has been supportive of him as a professional wrestler and how they help him mentally.

"My mom and dad are just happy that I'm doing something that's not illegal. My brother is just happy I found something that I'm passionate about," Eddie Kingston said. "I didn't see the future, they did. They saw a future for me in anything I wanted to do.


"But because of my low self-esteem and how I beat myself down mentally in the past — which I still kind of do, I'm working on that, but all that stuff — they're just happy to see me doing something that's positive. So of course they're going to back me up on that, no matter what."

Eddie Kingston has come a long way since the beginning of his professional wrestling career. AEW is the first company Kingston has been a part of where he is able to make a living as a contracted wrestler. Kingston spoke on certain milestones that he has achieved and ones that he wishes to obtain in the future.

"New milestones, of course," Eddie Kingston said of what comes next. "[The goal] to be the top guy in AEW. I reached one goal, I made it to AEW, contracted, make it a living. My nephew can show people on the TNT app, there's a plug, or on the AEW YouTube there's another plug, he gets to show off that his uncle is a wrestler. I reached one goal.


"The next goal is to be the top guy, to be the champion, to be the guy on the posters. The guy that is AEW. That's what Kenny [Omega] was. That's what Mox was. That was what[Chris] Jericho was, and that's what 'Hangman' [Adam Page] is now. That's always the goal."