Former ECW World Champion Releases Autobiography

Former ECW World Champion Justin Credible has officially released his autobiography, titled, Just a dream to... JUSTIN CREDIBLE!. The book is 370 pages documenting the life and career of Justin from his debut in WWF to his climb to the top of ECW, to his multiple reigns as Hardcore Champion in WWE.

You can see the full press release for Justin Credible's new book below:


TITLE:   Just a dream to... JUSTIN CREDIBLE!

AUTHORS:   PJ Polaco & Kenny Casanova

PAGE COUNT:   370 incredible pages

RELEASE DATE:   December 2021

PUBLISHER:   WOHW Publishers

FOREWORDS: Lance Storm & Tommy Dreamer

Take a hardcore journey. Follow a wrestler who started with just a dream, then became everything his name says he is. See his early days, his training, and his first few steps into the WWF spotlight. Jump in the ring with Aldo Montoya, go on the road with the Kliq, and watch his incredible ECW transformation to the extreme. Then, in the main event, witness PJ Polaco battle his toughest opponent to date – the demons who tried to end his life in his subsequent struggle to make a miraculous comeback.

"Outside the ring, you will read that there were still obstacles to overcome. Inside the ring, however, PJ proved he could be a champion. The ECW environment could be much worse for wrestlers who had addictions/demons, himself not excluded. But Justin Credible never let anything affect his in-ring work as he climbed the ladder to the top. He had the right opponents. He had confidence. He became a headliner. He became a star. He proved that he could have a great match with anyone. Justin Credible rose to every occasion and conquered every task he met in the squared circle." – Tommy Dreamer

ABOUT THE PROJECT:   Kenny Casanova was selected by Justin Credible to get his story to paper. As a manager from the northeast who played Kim Chee on occasion, Kenny first published Kamala's book raising almost 60k after he lost both legs to diabetes. Kenny has since completed autobiographical projects with Brutus Beefcake, Danny Davis, Vader, Tito Santana, and Sabu.

• Foreword by Lance Storm

• Guest passage by Tommy Dreamer

• Growing up in Connecticut

• Backyard wrestling!

• Training with the Harts in Calgary

• Enhancement talent with WWF

• His run as Aldo Montoya

• Becoming Justin Credible• Tagging as The Impact Players

• His return to WWE

• Crazy rockstar-like road stories

• Independent wrestling

• ROH & other promotions

• Battling personal demons

• The comeback