Former WWE Star Claims He Experienced Racism In WWE

Mistico, FKA Sin Cara, was released from WWE back in 2014. Since his release, he has not returned to the company. However, another wrestler, who went by the name of Hunico in WWE for a short time, took over the gimmick, only to be released in late 2019. The original Sin Cara, who now goes by the name Mistico, spoke with TUDN Mexico about how grateful he was for the chance to wrestle for WWE and discussed whether he would be open to a return.


"I keep for myself all of my experience in WWE," Mistico said. "I am a person that no matter what happens, I am a grateful person. They gave me the opportunity for a reason, right? They took me there for a reason. And that reason is because they saw something in me and I will always be grateful.

"Obviously, and honestly, it was a very great experience. And if one day they invite me to be part of WWE again, I will do it again. I would like to return to WWE. What happened? Many things, but racism is what is most talked about."

Despite Mistico expressing his gratitude for WWE and the chances they gave him, he mentioned that there is racism within the company. Mistico went into what racism he believes he experienced in the company and how he believed it hurt him that he was not an American talent.


"And yes, I got to experience racism, they did not give me the opportunities that I looked for and that I was promised. Because if they take you to their company it's for a reason and suddenly they limited me in the ring." Mistico said, "And I told them: 'Well, if you hired me and brought me here, it was because of what you saw of my talent, because of what you saw above the ring.' And suddenly they cut me off and limited me completely and then you just start wondering what's going on."

Mistico spoke on not being an American star by saying, "It's because of racism. There are people in WWE who don't want you to overshadow their [American] talent. I was a star in Mexico and in WWE they didn't give me the place I deserved."

Mistico has experienced more success since leaving WWE and returning to Mexico. Mistico mentioned yet again that he would be willing to make a return to WWE one day to prove everyone wrong that thought he was not great.

"But again, if I get invited to join WWE again, I will do it again. Just to shut up the critics' mouths. I think that would be a wonderful thing. Also, I came to WWE at a time when I was a big star in Mexico [but not in the world] because there was no social media. I think that if I had arrived at WWE today, I would have hit a home run through thick and thin because people are the ones who make us and people adore me."