Former WWE Superstar Calls Veer Mahaan "The Next Brock Lesnar"

Former WWE Million Dollar Champion Virgil has lavished praise on Veer Mahaan, comparing the new RAW Superstar to Brock Lesnar.

Through a recent Instagram post, Virgil said he hasn't been this excited about a WWE debut since The Ascension joined the company.


You ain't never gonna meet a bigger Veer guy. Haven't been this excited since the Ascension got signed. You see Veer was my creation. It's a spin-off of Veergil. So basically he pays homage to the chutney killah who drips beefy beef all day. Pasanda and Pasta bay bay. Let's watch the next Brock Lesnar whiff his a** into stardom. Thoughts????

Back in November, WWE began airing vignettes hyping up the debut of Veer Mahaan, initially presented as just Veer. Over the past few weeks, a few more vignettes have aired on RAW, but there's still no word on Mahaan's debut date. Lance Storm recently poked fun at WWE delaying Mahaan's debut.

You can see Virgil's Instagram post below.