JBL On The Undertaker Being A Locker Room Leader In WWE

WWE Hall Of Famer JBL was a key part of the WWE roster in the late 90s and the early 200os, even making it to the main event scene as a heel WWE Champion on the Smackdown brand.

JBL spoke on The Undertaker being a locker room leader and discussed how he has the utmost respect for the 'Deadman' during an interview with Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast.


"There are some guys that just have that Cool Hand Luke, about them, and everywhere he's been, he's the guy that people will see the authority too because he's that type of, you know, he doesn't abuse it. He's the guy you want in charge.  He's a terrific leader in any respect, whether it's the locker room, whether it's the boys out on the town, whatever it is, he's a terrific leader. He's a good human being. He's a smart guy and generally makes really good decisions."

JBL and The Undertaker shared the ring on many occasions, and he has nothing but positive things to say about the Undertaker being a leader backstage.

JBL discussed having faith in a young John Cena and having to explain to Vince McMahon that he thought Cena had a massive amount of potential. JBL also praised Cena by talking about how not everyone in Cena's position would have made the transition well.


"There weren't a ton of believers in Cena. I don't think there were unbelievers. But Vince asked me one day, he said, 'How is he?' I said, 'He's your guy, man.' Vince said, 'He's that good?' I said, 'Yeah.'" It's a different dynamic going from, say, eight minutes to going to 30 minutes. Now, I think he had done it with Kurt Angle too, obviously one of the greatest of all time. But when I first got out there with him, some guys never make that transition. It's hard."