Jimmy Wang Yang Shoots Down Report On WWE Producer Tryout

Former WWE, WCW, AJPW, TNA and ROH star James Yun (aka Jimmy Wang Yang) has dismissed a recent report on his tryout for the role of a WWE Producer.

We noted back in October how Yun had began the WWE Producer tryout process. It was then reported this week that Yun decided that the job was not for him, so he chose to move on after a few weeks.

In an update, Yun took to Twitter tonight and said he did not quit the tryout process as WWE decided to pass on hiring him a few weeks back. Yun said he is perfectly fine with the decision, adding that we have not seen the last of him.

"I don't particularly appreciate seeing this narrative saying that I quit. It takes A LOT for me to quit anything. Almost a month ago, @WWE chose not to move forward with me being a producer, and I was perfectly fine with their decision. #idontthinkyouseenthelastofme," Yun wrote.

Yun was recently credited with producing Reggie's win over R-Truth on the December 2 edition of WWE Main Event, teaming with Shawn Daivari to produce WWE United States Champion Damian Priest's win over Apollo Crews on the November 29 RAW, and teaming with WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley to produce Angel's Thanksgiving Leftovers Throwdown win over Rick Boogs on the November 26 edition of SmackDown.

Yun's daughter, up & coming indie wrestler Jazzy Yang, often makes appearances with her father, and he recently teased in a tweet that they will be working more together in 2022.

Yun last signed with WWE in 2006, and was released on April 22, 2010. He had runs with various companies after his time with WWE, and launched several businesses in the Cincinnati area, including a wrestling school called Pro Training, LLC, a party bus company, and a pest control business.

Stay tuned for more. You can see Yun's full tweet below: