Kevin Owens To Speak On Why He Re-Signed With WWE

Kevin Owens is set to explain why he re-signed with WWE this week.

As noted, it was revealed earlier today that Owens has signed a new multi-year contract with WWE. The company reportedly made an "excellent offer" for Owens to stay. You can click here for the original report on Owens re-signing.


In an update, WWE French-language commentator and wrestling author Pat Laprade confirmed that Owens has inked a multi-year deal. Laprade interviewed Owens earlier this week to discuss his future with the company. That interview will be released on Thursday via Laprade's "Les Anti-Pods De La Lutte" podcast.

Owens has not publicly commented on re-signing with WWE as of this writing, but he did have a back & forth with Bobby Lashley this week.

This week's RAW saw Lashley earn a spot in the WWE Title match at the inaugural WWE Day 1 pay-per-view, to make it a Fatal 4 Way with Owens, Seth Rollins and WWE Champion Big E. Lashley took to Twitter and issued a warning to the other participants, who he all defeated on RAW this past Monday.


"You can throw whoever the hell you want in my way and as you saw last night, it won't matter. Former Universal Champ? [check emoji] Former 4-Time Champ? [check emoji] Current Champ? [check emoji] Same. Damn. Night. Your reckoning comes at #WWEDay1. #AndNew @WWE," he wrote.

Owens responded and wrote, "Bobby, thank you for remembering that I'm a former Universal Champion. Whoever does the little write-ups for the stats on tv during our entrance on Raw never remembers. They know I speak French fluently though... Anyway, so happy to have you in this match, buddy! Good luck! [smiling face with smiling eyes emoji]"

Stay tuned for more on Owens re-signing with WWE. You can see the related tweets below: