Kofi Kingston Addresses Possibility Of The New Day Triple Threat Match

Kofi Kingston has been a member of the WWE roster since 2008 and has had much success as a singles and tag team wrestler. Kofi Kingston discussed the birth of his most recent child, and how he was able to witness the entire process for the first time, with Cerrito Entertainment.

"This birthing experience was entirely different for me because I actually got to be home for the entire labor. When my middle, well my youngest son was born, my middle child now, that's weird, that's the first time I've said that since last week, you know? But when Orion was born, I actually had to go to an appearance, on, you know, it was like a Friday or something like that, and I asked my wife I said, 'Hey, I know, that like you might go into labor soon, do you not want me to go to this appearance, it's only one day, I can go and come back, or I don't have to go at all.' And she's like, 'Just go, I feel fine.'

"As soon as I get to New York, she goes into labor and I was like, 'Oh my God, I gotta get back.' So I had to get back on a flight, long story short, I got back to the house and within half an hour of me getting home, my son was born. So I missed the entire labor process and all of that,  but with this one, with Lotus Selene, I was here for the entire thing, and it was just so amazing to watch my wife do these superhuman things and bring another child into this world. So we are so fortunate and so blessed to have another child in this world."

Kofi shared that he was very grateful for the opportunity to witness his first daughter's birth and the entire labor process in person. Kingston went on to speak about if his kids will ever take part in a triple threat match of their own when they grow up.

"You're likely to see some kind of match between these guys. You know what I'm saying? And us it's normally a three on two or two on two between the kids and the wife, now it will be three on two, us trying to wrangle them and get them to their gate at the airports. I don't know, I'm sure it will happen at some point or time, whether it will be filmed or not."

The interview naturally shifted toward a potential The New Day triple threat match after discussing the possibility of his kids having one. Kofi Kingston shut down the idea of The New Day infighting very quickly, claiming that they love seeing each other succeed.

"There are no cracks in our foundation in the house of the New Day, that's the thing. It's that when one of us wins, all of us win. So we are just out there winning, doing what we do. For years, since 2016, everybody has talked about, 'One of you guys has to turn each other and this is what you have to do to succeed, you gotta go out there and take your own well being into consideration cause you should be more jealous of the success of your partners.' I said, look at all the success we have had over the years."