Matt Cardona Flips Off Kid, Quits GCW At “Blood On The Hills” Event

Matt Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder in WWE, has been making an impact on the independent wrestling scene since being released by WWE earlier this year.

One organization where he quickly established himself as a top dog was Game Changer Wrestling (GCW). Cardona won the GCW World Championship in July 2021 when he defeated Nick Gage in his debut match with the company. He would lose the World Title to Jon Moxley just months later in September.


Since drifting out of the World Title picture, Cardona and his wife Chelsea Green have been in a rivalry with Effy and Allie Katch, together known as 'Bussy'. At last night's Blood on the Hills event, the two teams were set to wage war against one another.

As he entered the venue, Matt Cardona put up his middle finger and flipped off the raucous crowd down the entryway. As seen in the image below, a young child returned the favor and stuck two middle fingers back in Cardona's face.

The final moments of the match saw Cardona receiving a spear from Effy and a piledriver from Katch. She then piledrived Chelsea Green on top of Matt and they stacked the couple up for the pinfall victory.

Matt went back to flipping off the crowd and yelled things like "F–k you, Brett Lauderdale!" (the owner of GCW) while claiming GCW is only as big as it is now because of his arrival. He passionately finished by yelling, "I quit!" and exiting the ring.


Cardona then took to Twitter to push his claims even further, saying he and Chelsea Green are both finished with GCW and everything related. Brett Lauderdale seemed unfazed by their threats, as he replied to the tweet with a simple, "Bye [peace sign emoji]."

You can see images from last night's event below: