Mick Foley Comments On Johnny Gargano’s Free Agency

WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley was a recent guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he spoke about NXT 2.0. Foley touched on the changes and the new direction that the brand is going in.

"I do like a lot of what I see," Foley said. "WWE, as a company, made a decision that they were going to use NXT as a way to get the talent ready for SmackDown and Raw. A little bit of a different direction, which not everybody is happy with. I like it, my son is one of the writers, he's enjoying the new direction. I don't know enough about the ratings to tell you whether it's working or not. Somebody, meaning somebody being Mr. McMahon, reached a conclusion that the NXT that was, was not properly, I shouldn't say that. He didn't think it was preparing the wrestlers as well as it could."

Mick Foley also spoke about the future of Johnny Gargano. Foley admitted that the former WWE NXT Champion owes it to himself to see what's out there.

"I was kind of vocal in the past few months about the releases that were made and how some talent was being treated. And how, if I was a young talent I'd really have to think twice before trusting the creative team to do the right thing for me. If you're Johnny and you see the history of guys his size, there are some exceptions. People have done remarkably well, Daniel Bryan, Bryan Danielson being the best example. But I think they owe it to themselves to see what's out there. I love WWE, I do, I'm a WWE guy," Foley claimed. "But if I had to pick, my loyalty would be to the men and women who do the work in the ring."

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