Photo: Miro Dresses Up For "The Matrix Resurrections" Premiere

The former AEW TNT Champion Miro was dressed fittingly for the 'Matrix Resurrections' premiere that happened Saturday night in San Francisco, California.

As seen in the photo below, Miro sported a dark suit, similar to the style of the characters in the film. He's also rocking sunglasses with dark lenses, another signature accessory from the film, on the top of his head.

The upcoming film 'The Matrix Resurrections'  is set twenty years after the events of 'The Matrix Revolutions'. Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, has tried to resume an ordinary life in San Fransisco as his original identity, Thomas A. Anderson. He has a therapist that prescribes him blue pills to counteract the unnatural things he catches glimpses of at times. When a new version of Morpheus introduces Neo to a red pill, his mind is reopened to the world of The Matrix. Neo then joins a group of rebels to fight a new enemy the likes of which they haven't encountered.

The Matrix films, first debuting in 1999, have been a highly successful film franchise that has spanned over two decades. The most recent film being widely released this Wednesday is the first Matrix movie since November 2003.

Miro hasn't been active on AEW television since suffering a loss to Bryan Danielson at Full Gear 2021 in the finals of the AEW World Championship eliminator tournament.

Miro dressed up for the Matrix Resurrection premiere.

Photo credit: Reddit