Pro Wrestling Tees Issues Out Statement To Customers Following Data Breach

Though some may still be unaware, Pro Wrestling Tees suffered a security breach back in November that they are now directly addressing.

As seen in the letter beneath, the company was notified that a small portion of credit card numbers were compromised during a security breach from a malware virus. Upon their own thorough investigation, Pro Wrestling Tees concluded that no evidence was found showing "any current individual personal information was compromised".

You can see the full statement written out from Pro Wrestling Tees below:

"The privacy and protection of our clients' personal information is a matter that we take very seriously. Please allow this to serve as a notification to you concerning a recent data incident at Pro Wrestling Tees that involved some of your personal information. While we are unaware of any current misuse of your information, we want to provide you with details regarding the incident, our response, and resources available to you to safeguard your identity from possible misuse.

What Happened  

On November 1, 2021, Pro Wrestling Tees was informed by law enforcement that a small portion of our customer's credit card numbers had been compromised. We immediately conducted an extensive investigation of our system and concluded that a malware virus was the source of breach. Working with a sophisticated forensic vendor, we have removed the malware virus from our system. We did not find any evidence that any current individual personal information was compromised.

What Information Was Involved  

We are providing you this notification in an abundance of caution in case someone actually viewed or had access to your information that would have included your full name, and credit card information.

What We Are Doing 

We took steps to address this incident promptly after it was discovered, including conducting an investigation to understand what had taken place and how. We have secured our system. We have also reviewed our internal data management and protocols and have implemented enhanced security measures to help prevent this type of incident from recurring.

In addition, we are offering identity theft protection services through IDX, the data breach and recovery services expert. IDX identity protection services include: 12 months of credit and CyberScan monitoring, a $1,000,000 insurance reimbursement policy, and fully managed ID theft recovery services. With this protection, IDX will help you resolve issues if your identity is compromised.

What You Can Do  

We encourage you to enroll in free IDX identity protection services by going to or calling 1-833-381-2295 and using the Enrollment Code provided.

IDX representatives are available Monday through Friday from 6 am – 6 pm Pacific Time. Please note the deadline to enroll is March 15, 2022.

Again, at this time, there is no evidence that your information has been misused. However, we encourage you to take full advantage of this service offering.

For More Information  You will find detailed instructions for enrollment on the enclosed Recommended Steps document. Also, you will need to reference the enrollment code at the top of this letter when enrolling, so please do not discard this letter.


Ryan Barkan Pro Wrestling Tees (Enclosure)"

Stay tuned for more updates.

Here is a photo of the letter as well: