Ricardo Rodriguez On The Hardest Part Of Being Alberto Del Rio’s Ring Announcer

During an AdFreeShows+ exclusive interview with Jon Alba, Ricardo Rodriguez spoke about his time with WWE and the numerous roles he played with the company. The Mexican superstar spent time on the Spanish announce desk and called the memorable WrestleMania 30 match between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. Ricardo Rodriguez spoke about the match and what the moment was like sitting behind the announce desk.

"The only one that knew was Carlos Cabrera, he's the only one that knew," Rodriguez said. "When the pin happened, I thought that Undertaker was going to kick out, that's what I thought happened. They didn't play the music or anything and I was about to speak and then Carlos just grabbed my hand and I looked at him and he knew. That was such a surreal moment, the whole arena went quiet for how big of a moment, nobody reacted, everybody stayed quiet."

Coming into WWE as Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer in 2010, Rodriguez came into the company as a wrestler but never got a true chance to show his skills inside the ring. The 35-year-old spoke about accepting his role outside of the ring and what made it so difficult.

"The hardest part was accepting it," Rodriguez said. "That was the hardest part because I was a wrestler and I was a serious wrestler and then I was brought in to be a talker and in a comedic role. That was the hardest part to accept that, to just kind of like alright this is my ticket, f*** it. Might as well ride the wave.

"That was the hardest part, accepting it because I had these constant battles with myself, even now I still have them because I know people know me as Ricardo. Even now I still get it like 'I didn't know you were a wrestler.' That was the hardest part, just accepting it."

Ricardo Rodrgiuez is now currently working with AEW as the Spanish announcer for the company. The 35-year-old also spoke about what he wanted to happen in WWE but unfortunately didn't. Rodriguez spoke about finally getting the opportunity to work but doing so to push younger talent.

"At the time, I didn't take it personally no," Rodriguez said. "At the time I was hoping it was transitional because I figured hey, it's my way inside the door and then once I'm in the door, I'm going to do my own thing and hopefully work my way to the ring. Which I did, but as Ricardo and even then I'd get put in every now and then as a locale or on the house shows, European tours or dark matches but it wasn't me being me.

"It was like this is your position, help him out, these guys are coming in from FCW, NXT, help them out. It was very rare where I got the chance for me to be me. I'm not saying I was this great technical magician in the ring, but I thought I was okay."

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