ROH Star Addresses The Uncertain Future Of The Company

Ring of Honor has made it clear that they are taking time off for the following months after their Final Battle Pay-Per-View. There has much-been talk about the future of Ring of Honor and Shane Taylor took part in an interview with Wrestling Epicenter, where he spoke on what it feels like knowing that ROH will be taking a hiatus.

"I feel like 'surreal' is such a cliche now. It is like 'energy' and 'toxic.' (laughs) You know what I mean?" Taylor stated jokingly. "People find buzz words to use for the era. There is this strange, poetic thing that keeps going through my mind. Ring of Honor started as a group of guys that wanted to show the world that they had the talent, the ability, and that there could be an alternative to the kind of wrestling that they already saw.

"For the past 20 years, Ring of Honor has not only influenced the sport but it has guided, changed the sport from not only the talent that you see in the ring but the style of wrestling that you see every night. Guys in the '90s weren't having matches like they are today. That is a Ring of Honor influence! You can look at all the top companies and damn near all the top guys, all the main eventers, all the guys who are having matches that are blowing people away are Ring of Honor guys.

"That's not a coincidence (laughs). To have this chapter be closing feels like somehow letting them down. But, somehow, knowing that if this is going to be the end, you make them proud going out. You go out on your shield kind of feeling. I know every single person on that roster is planning on going out there and leaving everything they have in that ring. For myself and Kenny? We're probably going to leave a piece of ourselves in there too."

Shane Taylor, amongst others in the industry, has a big place in their hearts for Ring of Honor. Taylor gave his thoughts on if he believes ROH will return in the following year.

"I have no idea. I am someone who plans for what is and not for what will be. For me, if you start to look too far ahead, you lose track of the present. If that is to happen and there is a successful relaunch, fantastic! I hope that anyone involved is successful. But, for right now, my focus is and can only be Final Battle, on Kenny King, and on my guys and in the 6 Man Tag Team Championship Match to make sure that on December 12th, the day after, everyone is talking about us. Then, we will see what happens come April."