Scotty Riggs Reveals NWO Member That Was Added As A “Favor”

Scotty Riggs recently spoke with the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast about Buff Bagwell. He admitted that they both thought he would go on to be a big singles star but WCW kept putting Bagwell in more tag teams.

"As soon as he got into his singles stuff with Buff, they put him with Norton in a tag team, then they put him with Shane Douglas in a tag team," he reflected. "So instead of being the singles star like we both had hoped he would turn into in WCW, they just put him right back into a tag team again. So, if they had wanted to make him a champion like anybody else, they would have groomed him. They just didn't have the plans that way, it was not part of the politics of WCW at the time."

Scotty Riggs then spoke about the split between him and Bagwell. He revealed this was down to Buff's friendship with Kevin Nash, which led to him joining the nWo.

"We were in Tampa for a Nitro and me and Marcus had been doing the fumbling, bumbling, stumbling stuff, causing each other to lose, win, or whatever. Marcus was supposed to work with Regal that night and put Regal over for me doing the stumbling, fumbling with him. That's when they were doing the nWo 30-days or whatever, for anybody who wants to join us. Nash and Bagwell had been friends for a long time," he revealed. "When Nash was, I think he was either doing the Vinnie Vegas thing or the Oz thing, Marcus and him were traveling. Marcus was making more money than he was. Again, the same thing with me, Marcus was helping foot the bill on the road.

"So now Nash was going to help pay him back," Riggs admitted. "Nash pulled us aside and said, 'Scotty, just be a team member here.' I'm like, 'dude, whatever you need.' He said, 'we are going to turn Marcus tonight and have him join the nWo, so we're not doing that match.' Nash came in, pulled a favor, and got Marcus to join by the end of that night. He was the first guy."

Scotty Riggs also discussed his involvement with Raven's Flock. He talked about how their first angle together led to WCW deciding he should be involved in the group. However, this was not the original plan.

"I just remember, it was either my selling that made a light go off in Kevin Sullivan's head to make a story out of this instead of a one-time thing where I was hurt and was off the road for a while. They turned it into a storyline," he said. "It was supposed to be a one-off where I got hurt. Then we started working a storyline out of it. I think either Kevin and Scotty talked and said, 'let's make a story out of this because it would be a better way to introduce him, hurt a guy here, hurt a guy there, do this or do that and make a story out of it.' Because he was putting together a Flock and he didn't want me to be part of The Flock at first because I was a retread of American Males. He wanted new guys."

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