Sonya Deville’s role in WWE over the past year has been a dramatic departure from what she’s done in the past. Instead of wrestling, Deville is almost exclusively an on-screen authority figure on RAW and SmackDown.

“I think Sonya’s always had that other side to her where she can do a lot more than just fight,” Deville told Metro in the United Kingdom. “I think I showed that over two summers ago in the whole thing with Mandy [Rose], and Otis, and Dolph [Ziggler].

That storyline culminated in a “Loser Leaves WWE” match against Mandy Rose at SummerSlam in 2020. Deville lost the match and then disappeared from WWE television for months.

Sonya Deville returned to WWE television in January as an on-screen authority figure. She’s enjoying the opportunity to explore different aspects of her character.

“I think it’s just been really fun to explore that other side,” Deville explained. “Working alongside Adam [Pearce] and having that dichotomy, I think it really helped both of us. I think it was a cool interaction that gives the role a lot of layers, it allowed me to show a different side to me that the fans really haven’t seen before.”

Sonya Deville is relishing her opportunity to boss around other performers. But she also misses being inside the ring.

“It’s kind of funny because I love my role, I love being in charge. I love running both brands,” Deville said. “But I’m a fighter at heart.”

Sonya Deville was scheduled for a match against Naomi on the December 10 episode of SmackDown. It would be her first singles match since she returned to WWE TV. It’s also the latest chapter in a simmering feud between Deville and Naomi.

“If someone wants to fight – I mean, she’s clearly not gonna let this go,” Deville noted. “So I think I need to handle business and put her back in her place, let her fall in line, and then we can move on.”

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