Sonya Deville has been front and center on WWE programming since she returned to television at the start of the year. That has meant more opportunities to work alongside Vince McMahon.

Recently, Deville appeared in some on-screen segments with McMahon. She was part of the saga of the stolen golden egg that played out around Survivor Series.

‘We’ve had some conversations, and I actually got to work with him a lot in those backstage segments a couple of weeks back,’ Deville told Metro in the United Kingdom. “They were super cool. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m in Vince McMahon’s office right now, on TV, in a segment!'”

Sonya Deville has worked with McMahon behind the scenes in WWE in the past. She says they have a “laid back, normal relationship.” But Deville says sharing backstage segments with her boss is a different experience.

“So that was really surreal and cool,” Deville explained. “He’s always been so supportive of me and what I’ve wanted to do, so when we kind of transitioned me into this role, it made sense for a lot of us. It was like, this fits, this works.”

Sonya Deville’s role as an on-screen authority figure has made her a regular on RAW and SmackDown. She says Vince McMahon has supported her throughout her journey in WWE.

“He’s been so helpful on my journey and helped me achieve so many life goals, and get so many opportunities,” Deville said.

“Vince is the kind of guy, if you have passion for this business and you’re willing to grab the brass ring, so to speak – not to sound cliche – he’s willing to give it to you,” Deville continued. “Just deliver when you get that opportunity!”

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