Ted DiBiase Sr. Says He Originally Wasn’t Supposed To Take Bump On WWE NXT

One of the highlights of WWE NXT this past summer was the inclusion of WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase in the angle pitting LA Knight against Cameron Grimes.

On the June 15 episode of the show, after DiBiase had awarded LA Knight the Million Dollar Championship, Knight attacked DiBiase, striking him to the ground.

"This is, honestly, if I can just be 100% serious, this is the greatest moment of my wrestling career," LA Knight said the moment he accepted the Title Belt. "And it would be the honor of my life for you to officially crown me the Million Dollar Champion."

"Son, I'd be happy to," Ted DiBiase replied to him. The loudmouthed NXT Star then turned his back on DiBiase, beating him down and stomping on him until Cameron Grimes made the save.

During a recent conversation with Fightful Select, DiBiase revealed that the segment was booked a bit differently at first.

"The company pitched the angle and spot to DiBiase and told him they could have security guards catch DiBiase as he fell, so that would be easier on his body, and their consciences. However, DiBiase was insistent on taking the bump, and said that he wanted to take the bump just like he had during his wrestling days to make LA Knight look as good as possible."

Of course, DiBiase later got his revenge on LA Knight, interfering in the match between him and Cameron Grimes at NXT TakeOver 36 and costing Knight the Million Dollar Championship.

On August 24, the storyline came to an end with DiBiase and Grimes celebrating going "straight to the moon" together as $100 bills with Grimes's face on them rain from the sky. Just before departing, DiBiase did the ol' switcheroo with The Million Dollar Championship, leaving Grimes with a replica as Ted rode off doing his signature laugh.