Tony Khan Confirms Recent Contact Between AEW And WWE

AEW's Tony Khan says he's recently been in contact with officials from WWE. Khan says the company reached out to him about interviewing former WWE wrestlers who now work for AEW.

"They wanted to interview some of the people that wrestle here that used to wrestle there and some people that have had history there or [with] the other libraries that they own," Khan told My Mom's Basement with Robbie Fox. "So, we'll see. I think I'm open to talking."


This is not the first time WWE has reached out to AEW to gain access to one of its wrestlers. A deal was worked out earlier this year that allowed Chris Jericho to appear on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions. The episode aired on the WWE Network and Peacock last April.

"As long as everything's classy," Khan explained. "And just the way they approached me was very classy. So I have nothing bad to say about that. So, I don't know if we'll see that ... but I'm considering some of these requests on some of these biographies and it was actually a very nice call I received the other day."

Tony Khan was not as complimentary when the topic of conversation shifted to Sting's last run in WWE. Sting wrestled only two pay-per-view matches for WWE in 2015. He lost both of them. Sting's last WWE match saw him suffer an injury that nearly ended his in-ring career.


Sting left WWE and debuted in AEW nearly one year ago. He is undefeated in five matches since arriving in AEW.

"Look, it had been a while since Sting had won wrestling matches," Khan said. "The last time we saw Sting he wasn't winning matches. The whole time he was back in his last run in [WWE]...they screwed him out of multiple matches. Let's be honest. And he should have been presented better and that's one thing I won't back down on. Sting deserves to be treated like one of the great legends in wrestling and I set out to do that from the beginning with him. And I think he and Darby have had a great year."

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