WWE DVDs and Blu-rays are reportedly being discontinued in North America and Australia.

WWE DVD and Blu-ray releases will no longer be offered in the United States beginning in 2022, according to WrestlingDVDNetwork.com. This means 2021 will have been the final year for WWE Home Video to have a presence in the home market.

It was speculated that the decision to nix the DVD releases is due to revenue, along with WWE putting less emphasis on DVD and Blu-ray in rrecent years, and more of a focus on new Peacock/WWE Network content.

As of now, the final WWE DVD release in the United States will be the 2021 Survivor Series pay-per-view, which comes out on Tuesday, December 28. You can click here to purchase the Survivor Series release at a sale price. There is also a “Scottish Warrior” Drew McIntyre DVD that comes out on Tuesday, December 14, which will be the final Superstar-themed DVD release in the United States. You can click here to purchase the McIntyre release at a sale price.

The move also means no more WWE DVD and Blu-ray for Canada and Australia as those releases closely follow the United States, according to the report. WWE’s operation in the United States also produced assets and carried out authoring for both the domestic and Australian DVDs, which reportedly will not be taken on by the Australian licensee. Madman.com.au will release the remaining WWE pay-per-view DVDs of 2021 with Extreme Rules coming out in December, Crown Jewel in February, and then finally Survivor Series in March.

WWE DVD and Blu-ray releases will reportedly continue in the UK, until March at least. It was noted that Fremantle Media has new WWE pay-per-view DVDs scheduled beyond the Survivor Series, including Day 1 and the 2022 Royal Rumble. There’s no word yet on what happens after those releases, but WWE Home Video may continue in that region due to better sales of WWE DVD and Blu-ray in the UK and Europe.

WWE Home Video has had a physical media presence with DVDs since 1999 as the first WWE DVDs released were WrestleMania 15 and the “Hell Yeah” feature on WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin.

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