WWE Monday Night RAW Results – Austin Theory – Vince McMahon, WWE Day 1 Build, More

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE RAW Viewing Party. Tonight's show comes from the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN.

- Tonight's WWE RAW opens up with a video package looking at how Bobby Lashley destroyed WWE Champion Big E, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins last week. We're live from the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota as Jimmy Smith welcomes us. He's joined at ringside by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

- We go right to the ring and out comes Bobby Lashley with MVP. They hit the ring and Lashley takes the mic as fans boo. Lashley says he showed everyone last week exactly what happens when you disrespect The All-Mighty.

MVP hypes Lashley up as being like the Candy Man of WWE, but if you say his name he will show up and bad things will happen. MVP goes on about how there's disrespect in RAW. He talks about the others whining and complaining, but Lashley doesn't whine or complain, he just makes statements. MVP says it is imperative that Lashley be added to the WWE Title match at WWE Day 1 because there is no better way to start the new year than with The All-Mighty as your WWE Champion. Fans continue to boo. The music interrupts and out comes Kevin Owens.

Owens wonders how he's so disrespectful when he hasn't said Lashley's name or paid attention to anything he's done in like 2 years. Owens knocks Lashley for the sneak attack and trying to weasel his way into the WWE Title match. Owens says as much as he doesn't like Seth Rollins, Rollins did earn his spot at Day 1, as did Owens. Owens goes on ranting and says no one wants Lashley at Day 1 or in the WWE Title match, so he's going to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville to... the music interrupts and out comes Rollins to more boos.

Rollins comes out ranting on the mic and says as much as he dislikes Owens, he has to agree with him here. MVP says Owens and Rollins are terrified. Lashley challenges Owens and Rollins to come in the ring and do something about it. Owens tries to talk Rollins into attacking Rollins, and Rollins agrees. Owens tells Rollins to go first, and he will follow. They have words now over who's going in the ring first. The music interrupts and out comes WWE Champion Big E to a pop. Big E speaks from the stage and calls everyone his favorite collection of idiots. They have words and out comes Deville and Pearce. It's announced that Lashley will be added to the WWE Title match at Day 1, to make it a Fatal 4 Way, if Lashley can defeat, in no particular order, Big E, Owens and Rollins, in one-on-one competition tonight. MVP and Lashley look on from the ring, and MVP yells out that Lashley accepts. The others trade looks as Lashley's music hits and he stands tall in the ring to end the segment.

- We see what happened last week with RAW Tag Team Champions RK-Bro and their blazers. We now see footage from earlier today with Randy Orton and Riddle backstage. Orton tries to convince Riddle that he needs to focus on the tag titles and which team might be their next #1 contenders. Riddle says they should get into podcasting because of Pat McAfee's deal, or maybe become shamans. Orton doesn't agree and says Riddle needs to stop hanging out with jackasses at the show. Riddle rambles on about hanging out with the Jackass guys at SmackDown last week. Orton tells Riddle to focus on his match with Otis, who is built like a human wrecking ball, and one day Orton will allow him to put the blazer back on from last week. Riddle is hyped up and focused on the blazer, and Otis.

RAW Tag Team Champion Riddle vs. Otis

We go back to the ring and out come RAW Tag Team Champions RK-Bro – Riddle with Randy Orton. They hit the ring and the pyro goes off as Riddle poses in the corner. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and we see Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Big E venting to Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce about the possible WWE Day 1 change with Bobby Lashley. It's determined that Owens will face Lashley first tonight. They have some more words and walk off. Big E promises to Pearce and Deville that he will leave Day 1 with the title. We go back to the ring and Alpha Academy is already out – Otis with Chad Gable. Otis strikes first and sends Riddle down, then talks some trash. Otis with another big slam as Gable cheers him on from ringside.

Riddle unloads with kicks in the corner, then a running right hand. Riddle charges again but Otis drops him with ease with a chest bump. Otis then tosses Riddle out of the ring in front of the announce table. Orton slowly walks over to watch as Gable rants at Otis and Riddle from his chair. Otis clubs Riddle to the ground with a forearm. Riddle is tossed back in but he knocks Otis off the apron. Otis catches Riddle and rams him into the edge of the barrier spine-first. Alpha Academy celebrates at ringside as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Otis drops Riddle for another quick pin attempt. Orton finally starts hyping Riddle up from ringside as Otis controls Riddle in the ring. Otis charges but Riddle moves and Otis hits the ring post. Riddle with a punt kick from the apron as fans cheer him on. Riddle leaps off the top but Otis catches him in mid-air. Riddle and Otis trade strikes now. Riddle with a big knee strike and another knee strike off the middle rope. They go on and Riddle hits the Floating Bro.

Fans pop big for Riddle as he channels his inner Orton. Otis blocks the RKO and nails a big powerslam in the middle of the ring to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Otis

- After the match, Orton hits the ring to deliver the RKO to Otis but Otis shoves him away and Orton drops Gable with it instead. Otis then comes right back and drops Orton with a back elbow. Alpha Academy stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays.

- We see recent happenings between Doudrop and Bianca Belair.

Bianca Belair vs. Doudrop

We go back to the ring and out comes Bianca Belair swinging her hair. We see video from earlier today with Belair saying she will make sure Doudrop can't get away from her tonight. Belair hits the ring and dances around as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and out next comes Doudrop. We see footage from earlier today with Belair issuing a few harsh words to Belair from backstage. The bell rings and they size each other up as fans chant for Belair. They lock up and Doudrop shoves Belair to the corner, then talks some trash. They lock up again and go to the corner. Belair turns it into an arm drag and a 2 count.

More back and forth now. Belair leaps over Doudrop and taunts her for a pop. Doudrop takes control and works Belair around the ring now. Doudrop with strikes in the corner. Doudrop runs into a big boot in the corner. They botch a head scissors takedown from the corner but Belair is still sent into the ropes.

Doudrop comes to the apron and they unload on each other with strikes. Doudrop rag-dolls Belair by her leg, then sends her to the mat after her eye gets caught by a boot. Doudrop nails a big elbow to send Belair retreating to the floor as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and they're going at it. Doudrop with a big Michinoku Driver in the middle of the ring for a close 2 count. Doudrop shows some frustration now. Doudrop controls Belair by her hair and mocks her, keeping her down on the mat. Belair fights back and mounts some offense but Doudrop nails a big Doomsday Saito suplex for another close 2 count.

Doudrop drags Belair to the corner and climbs to the second rope but Belair jumps up and rocks her. Belair then slams Doudrop to the mat from the turnbuckles with a powerbomb as fans cheer her on. Belair goes to the top and hits a big 450 splash for the pin to win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

- After the match, Belair stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Belair celebrates on the stage but Doudrop comes back out and levels her from behind, putting her back down on the ground. Fans boo as Doudrop stands over Belair and mocks her. We hear fans chanting for Doudrop now as she stands tall over Belair.

- Kevin Patrick approaches Kevin Owens backstage for comments. Owens says this whole WWE Title and WWE Day 1 situation is trash, as is the city of St. Paul. Owens says he's going to beat Bobby Lashley to make sure he stays out of the match at WWE Day 1, and then he will go to Day 1 to win the WWE Title, and that's no lie. Owens walks off.

Bobby Lashley vs. Kevin Owens

We go back to the ring and out comes Kevin Owens. Back to commercial as Owens paces the ring.

Back from the break and the announcers hype the inaugural class of WWE NIL athletes, signed just last week. We see RAW Superstar Gable Steveson at ringside. He shows off his Olympic gold medal and gets a big pop. We go back to the ring and Owens is waiting as his music plays. Out next comes Bobby Lashley with MVP. Lashley must win this match to advance to the next for a shot at the WWE Title match at Day 1. Lashley and MVP stop to greet Steveson at ringside for a show of respect. Lashley hits the ring and stands tall as pyro goes off. The bell rings and Owens attacks Lashley from behind while he's talking with MVP. Lashley collides Owens with a shoulder off the ropes. Lashley charges again and levels Owens to the mat.

Lashley goes to work on Owens now. Lashley with a long vertical suplex as MVP cheers him on. Lashley charges but Owens side-steps and sends him over the top rope to the apron. Owens drops Lashley over the top rope and then goes to nail a cannonball from the apron but Lashley moves and Owens lands hard on the floor. MVP hypes Lashley up as he rams Owens into the barrier for a pop. Lashley brings it back into the ring but Owens superkicks him, then sends him shoulder-first into the ring post.

We see Seth Rollins watching backstage. Owens with a corner cannonball and more offense for a 2 count as Lashley shows frustration. We see WWE Champion Big E backstage watching the match and taking notes. Owens with a big power move from the corner for a close 2 count. Owens takes Lashley to the corner as MVP barks from ringside. Lashley counters and goes to work on Owens in the corner now.

Lashley with multiple shoulder thrusts, then another big slam in the middle of the ring. Lashley stands tall over Owens and yells him to get back up. Lashley scoops Owens up in the air and onto his shoulders but Owens tries to get out. Lashley still puts him down.

Owens blocks The Hurt Lock and rolls Lashley for 2. Lashley blocks the Stunner and nails a big Spinebuster. Lashley goes for The Hurt Lock again and Owens immediately taps out, before Lashley even gets the second arm hooked.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

- After the bell, Lashley is shocked at how quickly Owens tapped out. MVP hits the ring to celebrate as we get a replay. Lashley poses in the corner as we see Rollins backstage seething over how Owens didn't even try. Sonya Deville walks up and says Rollins is next. Lashley is still upset over how he won but he stands tall as the music continues.

- We get a video package on Liv Morgan vs. RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch and how Lynch retained last week. We go back to the ring and out comes Lynch with the title in the air now. Still to come, we will hear from Big Time Becky as she celebrates her win. She poses for the crowd as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get a new vignette for Veer Meehan. He is "coming soon" to RAW. We go back to the ring and Lynch is out with the title on her shoulder. She welcomes us to the Big Time. Becky says what a match it was with Liv last week, but she's still champion like she said she would be. She says a lot wanted her to retain, but a lot also wanted Liv to win. Lynch goes on ranting at the crowd about how they haven't done what she has. She knocks Liv for disappointing her fans last week. Becky shows us the "Angry Liv Girl" on the big screen and has a laugh. Becky says to get used to it because she will be champion for a long time. The music interrupts and out comes Liv. Liv says she's not getting used to anything, and St. Paul is getting tired of listening to Becky's broken record. Fans pop for Liv. Liv keeps speaking while walking to the ring and says Becky doubting her is why she almost lost last week, and why she had to cheat to win.L

Liv shows us a photo of Becky using a handful of tights to win. Fans boo. Liv says Becky is the best... the best at cheating to win. Liv cried a little last week but not because she's weak, because she's human and was disappointed. Liv says she snapped out of it because she knows she can beat Becky and just like that little girl, she believes it. Liv says that didn't embarrass her, it reminded her why she won't give up until she can make the title mean something for people like that little girl. Liv says if Becky is really Big Time Becks, she will accept a rematch for the title at WWE Day 1. Fans pop. Becky fires back and tells Liv to blame herself for not being ready for what Becky did last week. Becky says Liv isn't ready and all she proved is she doesn't have the killer instinct. Becky says Liv did the same thing she always does... absolutely nothing. Liv rushes the ring and tackles Becky, unloading with fists. They get up and Liv nails a dropkick, sending Becky to the floor.

Liv stays on top of her until Becky sends her into the steel ring steps. Becky stomps on Liv's elbow and the stairs now, then kicks the steps into her arm as fans boo and officials rush down to break it up. Liv cries out as referees call for some help. Becky mocks Liv, saying it looks like she injured herself. Becky says if Liv still wants the rematch, she's on. Fans continue booing. Becky says now that there are no other able-bodied women to challenge her, she's going home to train and be with her kid, hang out with her hot husband, and Liv should put some ice on her elbow. Becky makes her exit as the music hits, raising her title in the air while officials tend to Liv at ringside.

- We see what happened between AJ Styles and Omos last week after their loss to The Street Profits. Sarah Schreiber stops AJ backstage and asks about what happened with Omos last week. AJ admits they weren't at their best last week and it was disrespectful for Omos to walk out like that, but he's not ready to give up on this special tag team. AJ calls it growing pains and recalls how they were RAW Tag Team Champions. AJ says you don't give up on something like that. He's been in the business for a long time and never seen something like Omos. AJ goes on about discovering Omos and it was a way of giving back, as an investment. AJ says Omos is a really good kid and he wants to see Omos succeed. Omos appears and asks if they're good. AJ says they're golden and he will not give up on this team. Omos agrees. They walk off, apparently on the same page now.

Finn Balor and WWE United States Champion Damian Priest vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

We go back to the ring and out comes Finn Balor to a big pop. Balor hits the ring and poses as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see Reggie and WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke walking through a local park. Dana thanks Reggie for everything he did last week and he tells her not to mention it. He offers to pass on some tips he learned while he was 24/7 Champion. Reggie says maybe they can have that talk over hot chocolate. Dana likes that idea. They stop and see R-Truth dressed as a Christmas tree while Akira Tozawa is dressed as a snowman. Reggie asks what they're doing here and then fights them off while Dana runs way. She collides with Tamina Snuka, who has a referee with her. Dana fights Tamina off, and eventually escapes with Reggie. Tamina comes over and yells at Truth and Tozawa, telling them to stay out of her way. Tamina storms off and we see Truth and Tozawa arguing over who Tamina told to stay out of her way. We go back to the ring and WWE United States Champion Damian Priest is already out, as are Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. Roode starts off with Priest and takes it the corner, beating him down. Priest fights out of the corner with right hands but Roode cuts him off.

Roode grounds Priest and delivers a knee to the gut, then turns and knocks Balor off the apron. Roode turns back around to go for Priest but a roundhouse kick levels him. Ziggler runs in but Priest takes him out. Priest with a flying stage dive to Ziggler in the corner, then the same stage dive to Roode in the opposite corner.

Priest sends Roode and Ziggler over the top rope to the floor now. Priest runs around and leaps off the steel ring steps, taking both of The Dirty Dawgs down in front of the announce table. Priest stands tall and yells out as the referee counts. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Priest and Roode both go down. Balor and Ziggler get the hot tags now. Balor unloads and knocks Roode off the apron. Balor with a double stomp to Ziggler. Balor with big strikes to Ziggler in the corner. Balor drops Ziggler with a Slingblade but Roode breaks it up just in time. Priest runs around and tries to slam Roode at ringside but Roode counters and delivers a big Spinebuster to Priest on the floor.

Balor knocks Ziggler to the floor next to Roode. Balor runs the ropes and leaps over the top, taking Roode and Ziggler down at ringside. Balor brings Ziggler back in and hits the corner dropkick. Balor goes to the top for a Coup de Grace but Austin Theory appears on the apron, taking a selfie with Balor to distract him.

Instead of hitting Coup de Grace on Ziggler, Balor comes down off the top and has to kick Theory off the apron. This allows Ziggler to take advantage and deliver a Zig Zag to Balor for the pin to win.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

- After the match, Roode and Ziggler head to the back while Theory quickly snaps a selfie with Balor. Theory retreats to the ramp and brags about his selfie while Balor and Priest stand tall in the ring.

- This week's Progressive-sponsored replay from last week looks at Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley's dealings with the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, mainly Nikki's loss to Queen Zelina Vega. Rhea is backstage working out now when Nikki walks up. Nikki is still down on herself for losing and letting them down but Ripley hypes her up and gives her a pep talk. Ripley says Nikki had a championship mentality, so where did she go? Ripley wants that Nikki back. Nikki says no matter what she has Ripley's back. They get on the same page and Nikki looks forward to getting the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles back.

WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Queen Zelina Vega vs. Rhea Ripley

We go back to the ring and out comes Rhea Ripley with Nikki A.S.H. They hit the ring and pose as we go back to commercials.

Back from the break and out come the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions – Queen Zelina Vega with Carmella. Carmella comes out first and gives a royal introduction for Vega. Vega does her best royal accent and talks some trash on the mic, knocking the people of Minnesota, as well as Ripley and Nikki. The bell rings and Vega ducks Ripley, then bows to taunt her. Ripley responds with a big dropkick.

Ripley scoops Vega but Carmella gets on the apron to yell at her, ordering her to put Vega down. Ripley slams Vega, putting her down. Ripley goes for a Riptide but Nikki chases Carmella into the ring. Carmella superkicks Nikki as she enters. The chaos leads to Vega rolling Ripley up for the pin to win.

Winner: Queen Zelina

- After the match, Vega and Carmella celebrate the quick squash at ringside as the music hits.

- Seth Rollins is backstage warming up when Kevin Owens approaches. Rollins is angry at the sight of Owens. Owens offers to go to ringside to help Owens with their Bobby Lashley problem, but Rollins doesn't want to see Owens anywhere near his match. Owens goes on about why he was smart to let Lashley win before The Hurt Lock could injure him before the title shot at WWE Day 1. Rollins isn't buying it and tells Owens to stay in the back, so he can go out and figure out how to beat Lashley on his own. Rollins walks off as Owens rants about how he's making a mistake.

Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins

We go back to the ring and out comes Bobby Lashley with MVP. Lashley will advance to WWE Champion Big E if he wins this match, and then will earn a spot in the title match at WWE Day 1 if he can beat Big E tonight. Lashley and MVP hit the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Seth Rollins. Rollins and Lashley lock up to start. Lashley man-handles Rollins and slams him. Rollins ends up dragging Lashley to the floor and working him over as the referee counts. Lashley counters and scoops Lashley to send him into the ring post but Rollins counters and drops Lashley into the ring post. The referee counts and MVP talks Lashley back to his feet, making it in at the 9 count.

Lashley comes back in but Rollins unloads with elbows and a forearm. We see WWE Champion Big E watching backstage. Rollins goes for the Stomp but Lashley counters and nails two big slams. Lashley gets fired up and drops Rollins face-first into the mat.

Rollins slides out of a hold and retreats to the floor for a breather. Kevin Owens runs down and drops Rollins when he turns around. The referee calls the match for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Seth Rollins

- After the match, MVP and Lashley seethe at ringside as Rollins is announced the winner. Rollins looks up at Owens on the ramp and smiles. Rollins returns to the ring and poses in the corner as MVP has words with the referee. Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce come to the ramp and give them props for the clever attempt, but say it's not going down like that tonight. They re-start the match and announce that any other matches Lashley has tonight will be No DQ.

The bell rings and Lashley levels Rollins with a Spear for the easy pin to win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

- After the match, MVP rushes the ring to raise Lashley's arm as the music hits. A defeated and disappointed Owens looks on from the ramp as MVP and Lashley stare him down. Lashley has advanced to the final match of the night.

- WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon is talking with Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez in his office when Austin Theory storms in, showing off the selfie he snapped after taking out Finn Balor earlier. Theory goes on bragging about what he did. Vince asks Crews and Azeez to step out as Theory takes a seat. Theory shows off his selfie with the fallen Balor and Vince asks if he thinks Vince should give him something for that – a participation trophy, a pat on his back, his autograph on a doily? Theory suggests a match, so he can show Vince what he's all about, but Vince scolds him for barging in while he was talking to someone important, acting like they were friends or buddies. Theory thought if he followed Vince's lessons... Vince tells him to shut up, they are not friends, and Vince doesn't have any friends, or want any. Vince says Theory hasn't impressed him, yet. Vince teases pulling a deadly weapon from his desk, and says he's going to enjoy using it, which scares Theory. But it's only a pencil. Vince shows Theory the eraser on the pencil, and calls it the most important part, confusing and scaring Theory to end the segment.

- We go back to the ring for another must see edition of MizTV as Maryse makes her way out, by herself. Maryse hits the ring and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Maryse welcomes us to a special edition of MizTV because she's hosting the show. She says she can tell the people here aren't using to seeing a real woman like she is, and they aren't used to seeing a real man like her husband. She introduces The Miz, calling him the father of her children and the most awesome human on the planet. The Miz hits the ring and talks about how hot his wife is. He then wants to formally endorse who should be the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame headliner. He goes on about how this person truly deserves the endorsement due to their accomplishments in and out of the ring. Miz and Maryse then present their official endorsement for the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.

A video package plays with a look at The Miz's journey to where he is now. Maryse is in tears at the video as the Hall of Fame theme song plays. Fans are booing the video and the idea of The Miz getting inducted. Miz says what a career he's had, and then he raises a champagne toast to beating WWE Hall of Famer Edge at Day 1, and sending him back into retirement. Miz says hopefully this time it's permanent. The music hits and out comes The Rated R Superstar to a big pop. Edge greets fans and poses as the pyro explodes.

Edge hits the ring and annoys Miz by repeating himself. Miz snaps at him and admits to being annoyed, and Edge says this is how we all feel every time he speaks. Edge goes on about how Miz will get the accolades he deserves if he just shuts up. Edge knows how good Miz is, but he also knows how he acts. Edge says Miz is insecure and afraid. Miz admits everyone was afraid of Old Edge, but this Edge... nope. Edge goes on and says he knows Miz is a future Hall of Famer, so he's not taking their Day 1 match lightly as he knows he has his hands full. Miz says at Day 1 he will show Miz that he still has lessons to learn, and he will stop that stupid constipated look off Miz's face. Miz tosses champagne in Edge's face and attacks him. Edge fights back and plants him with the Edgecution DDT.

Edge tosses the chairs and table from the ring. He charges into the corner at Miz but Miz pulls Maryse over, using her as a shield. Fans boo and Edge puts on the brakes. Miz then takes advantage and drops Edge with a Skull Crushing Finale. The boos get louder as Miz stands tall with Maryse but she's not happy. They argue over how he tried to sacrifice her, but he goes on about how they're a team. Maryse slaps Miz in the face and storms out of the ring as he chases after her. Miz pleads but Maryse keeps walking to the back.

- Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens approach Big E backstage, trying to hype them up for the main event. They go on about Big E being their last chance to stop Bobby Lashley tonight. Big E calls them idiots and tells them to stay away from his match if they want the Day 1 match to remain a Triple Threat. Big E goes on about how he will stop Bobby Lashley, then walks off as Rollins and Owens offer their assistance. We see MVP and Lashley backstage getting ready. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we get the SmackDown Rebound video with highlights from last Friday's SmackDown on FOX episode.

- We go back to the ring and see what's happened in Bobby Lashley's matches with Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens tonight. Schreiber stops MVP and Lashley backstage, asking about the No DQ stip. MVP praises Lashley for what he's done tonight, calling it a Herculean task, but Hercules has nothing on Lashley. MVP says after this next win, there will be no denying that we are in The All-Mighty Era. Lashley says everyone will bow down to the new WWE Champion at Day 1.

No DQ Match: WWE Champion Big E vs. Bobby Lashley

We go back to the ring for tonight's non-title No DQ main event as WWE Champion Big E rushes the ring. The champ hits the ring and stands tall as we go back to commercial

Back from the break and out comes Bobby Lashley with MVP. The bell rings and they start brawling. Big E drops Lashley first as MVP barks from ringside. Big E goes out and grabs a table from under the ring as fans go wild. Big E leans the table against the apron but here comes Lashley on the attack. Lashley beats Big E around ringside and rams him back into the barrier. Lashley rolls Big E back in as MVP slides the table back under the ring to boos.

Lashley charges into the corner but Big E catches him with a Uranage for a 2 count. Big E goes out and has some words for MVP, then brings a table back out, sliding it into the ring. Big E works Lashley over a few times and then leans the table up in the corner. Big E pounds on Lashley and scoops him but Lashley counters. Big puts on the brakes and stops Lashley from sending him through the table. Lashley drops Big E face-first for a 2 count. Lashley goes to ringside and grabs a steel chair from under the ring.

Lashley brings a chair in and wedges it into the corner. Big E fights back with three belly-to-belly suplexes in the middle of the ring for a big pop. Big E runs the ropes for the splash to the mat but Lashley moves and Big E lands hard. Lashley charges shoulder-first but Big E moves and Lashley crashes into the steel chair wedged into the corner. Lashley hits hard and goes down as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and MVP barks orders from ringside as Lashley tries to suplex Big E through a table set up in the ring. Big E counters and nails a suplex of his own. Lashley kicks out at 2. Big E pulls Lashley to the apron, flat on his back, and pounds on him while fans count along. Big E runs the apron and delivers the big splash now. Big E brings it back in but Lashley rolls out for a breather. Big E stays on him and they tangle. Lashley scoops Big E and runs him into the ring post. Big E hits hard and goes down as fans boo Lashley.

Lashley grabs another table while Big E recovers in the ring. Lashley stands the table up at ringside. Lashley tries to suplex Big E out of the ring through the table on the floor but Big E fights back. Big E knocks Lashley and stuns him on the apron. Big E charges but Lashley gets his knee up. Lashley enters the ring and launches Big E through the leaning table in the corner, smashing it. Big E still kicks out at 2. Lashley and MVP can't believe it as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Big E sends Lashley into the steel ring steps with an Irish whip. Big E separates the steel steps and slams Lashley on top of them as MVP looks on. Big E smiles and rolls Lashley back into the ring. Big E stalks Lashley now as fans rally. MVP barks encouragement at Lashley. Lashley counters and goes for The Hurt Lock but Big E powers out. Lashley comes right back with a big Spear in the middle of the ring.

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens hit the ring and double team Lashley. Big E gets up and attacks Rollins, then Owens. Big E gets double teamed by Rollins and Owens now as fans boo. Lashley makes the save. Lashley backs Rollins into a corner while Owens knocks Big E to the floor. Owens sends Big E into the barrier over and over while Rollins and Lashley go at it in the ring. Owens looks for a powerbomb through a table at ringside, but Big E fights Owens off and slams him through a ringside table with a Uranage. Lashley fights Rollins off in the ring and puts him through a leaning table in the corner with a big Spear.

Big E returns to the ring and yells at Lashley to get his ass up so they can finish this, but Lashley is hurt. MVP comes from behind and takes out Big E's knee. Lashley follows up with a Spear for the pin to win and get the spot at WWE Day 1.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

- After the match, MVP joins Lashley in the ring as they celebrate and the music hits. We go to replays. The WWE Title match at the inaugural WWE Day 1 pay-per-view will now be a Fatal 4 Way with Big E, Lashley, Owens and Rollins. Lashley hits the turnbuckles to pose while Rollins and Owens recover at ringside, and Big E tries to recover on the mat. RAW goes off the air with MVP and Lashley celebrating.