WWE NXT UK Results: A-Kid And Nathan Frazer Battle For A Shot At The Heritage Cup

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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with "The Iron King" Joe Coffey looking for personal payback against Charlie Dempsey!

Joe Coffey vs. Charlie Dempsey

And here comes the physical dishing. Joe Coffey and Charlie Dempsey lock up with a collar and elbow tie-up. They transition to a knuckle lock. Coffey leads the technical charge and dumps Dempsey on the mat. Dempsey contorts Coffey's leg while down on the mat with an inverted single leg crap. Coffey counters and turns it into a near-fall count of two. Both men continue to counter each other's power moves. Coffey double stomps Dempsey's upper thighs to lead once more.

Now in a vertical position, Dempsey hammer throws Coffey into the turnbuckles. Coffey flips right into them and falls again with a textbook suplex for a two count. Dempsey latches on to Coffey's left arm and applies a hammerlock. Dempsey breaks it up with a nasty right hand that knocks Coffey to his knees. Coffey rises to his feet and puts Dempsey in the fireman's carry. Dempsey digs his nails across Coffey's face to escape. This allows Dempsey another unique suplex. He looks for a counter, and Coffey stays alive at the 2.5.

Dempsey starts to hinder Coffey's breathing and locks in a guillotine choke. Coffey fights out, and both men knock heads. Both men square up with a round of haymakers. Coffey tees up a range of overhand punches that puts Dempsey straight on his back. Coffey's explosiveness continues with a high-flying crossbody from off the ropes. Coffey hits the Glasgow Send-Off just before Teoman and Rohan Raja make their way out there. Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) runs out to keep Teoman and Raja away from the ring.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Dempsey puts Coffey to sleep with a chokehold. Dempsey obtains the victory.

Winner: Charlie Dempsey

- We revisit the monumental and historic victory Moustache Mountain carried out last week to earn the NXT UK Tag Team Championship.

- With that said, Assistant General Manager, Sid Scala, announces there will be an NXT UK Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Elimination Match Series to determine Moustache Mountain's first opponents. The first two teams up to bat will be Symbiosis vs. Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter. Their match will take place in three weeks. Then, on January 13, it'll be Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff vs. Die Familie (Teoman & Rohan Raja).

- Jordan Devlin walks us through a day in his life. Despite the cockiness displayed throughout this beautiful vignette, Devlin makes a compelling argument on why he believes he has the skills and assets to become the next contender (and possible champion) of the NXT UK Championship.

Following a triumphant victory over Pretty Deadly, the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Moustache Mountain, are here to celebrate and address the NXT UK Universe!

Moustache Mountain's In-Ring Segment:

Trent Seven opens the dialogue by mentioning what a wild 18 months it's been. But now, they're back and on top of the tag team mountain! Seven does admit, there have been times where they both fell short, and the thought of what happened if they didn't win last week swam through his head. Seven isn't sure how much longer he'll be able to be an in-ring competitor. But all that doubt changed the moment they became champions! The wheels aren't falling off anytime soon!

Tyler Bate adds with a little bit of patience, good things come. Seven takes a moment to reflect on Tyler Bate becoming the first-ever Grand Slam Champion in NXT UK history. The fans chant out, "Grand Slam Boi." They thank the fans, the production crew and everyone in the back who supported and believed in them. They look forward to what will be a bright new year for both of them. Until then, they're going to celebrate the holidays and bask in this historic glory before getting their feet wet and defending their titles.

- The NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura has run laps around the majority of the NXT UK women's division. Now, she's got a larger target on her hands in Blair Davenport. Both women look to test their strength for the championship in three weeks! We hear from both of them and what each will bring to the table during their matchup.

We head back to the ring for more action!

Danny Jones vs. Kenny Williams

Kenny Williams ragdolls Danny Jones across the ring in the early going. Jones musters enough strength to send Williams off his feet with back-to-back shoulder tackles. He plants an exploder suplex, but it isn't enough to get the job done. Williams sends Jones face-first into the mat with his Bad Luck finisher. The Scum of the Earth picks up the pinfall victory.

Winner: Kenny Williams

- Eddie Dennis guarantees 2022 will be a new and destructive year for Symbiosis. They will square off with Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter in three weeks as part of the Tag Team #1 Contenders Elimination Series.

- WWE NXT UK will host a special holiday episode next week.

Backstage: Kenny Williams blindly attacks Mark Andrews. Williams snickers as he leaves the room, telling the production crew Andrews needs help.

And now, the main event of this week's WWE NXT UK. Which man will earn his rightful place as the new No. 1 Contender to Noam Dar's Heritage Cup Championship?

No. 1 Contenders Match: A-Kid vs. Nathan Frazer

Round 1:

A-Kid drops Nathan Frazer to the mat with a side headlock take over. A-Kid turns the hold into a pinfall attempt, to which Frazer kicks out. Back on their feet, A-Kid launches a perfect dropkick for another close near-fall. Frazer counters A-Kid's wrist lock with a leg sweep. Frazer sends A-Kid to the ropes just as the bell sounds for the conclusion of the first round. No falls come from this round.

A-Kid: 0     Nathan Frazer: 0 

Round 2: 

Nathan Frazer returns a dropkick on A-Kid from the previous round. A-Kid recovers to lock in head scissors. Frazer stacks A-Kid with a pin, allowing him the first fall in this contest.

Nathan Frazer: 1     A-Kid: 0 

Round 3:

A-Kid heads for a running start. Frazer keeps the pressure up with a springboard/inverted DDT combination that almost gave him the second and final fall. After some back and forth forearms, A-Kid starts to drain Frazer with a Fujiwara armbar. Frazer had nowhere to go. By the graces of the bell, Frazer escaped the hold without a tap out. Frazer remains in the lead, with A-Kid still not on the board.

Nathan Frazer: 1     A-Kid: 0

Round 4:

Nathan Frazer ensnares a Boston Crab. A-Kid rolls under and counters with a pin. Through the ropes, A-Kid bounces back with a flying superkick that helps him get his first point on the board.

A-Kid: 1     Nathan Frazer: 1

Round 5: 

A-Kid sets himself up for a superkick to the jaw. Frazer leaps over for a pin count. A-Kid fights free at 2.9! Up in the high district, Frazer and A-Kid crash down as Frazer flings A-Kid with an avalanche slam. Frazer leaves himself open for the octopus stretch. Frazer has nowhere to turn. He has no other choice but to tap. A-Kid emerges victorious with a second fall, cementing his position as Noam Dar's next challenger.

Could A-Kid become the first-ever two-time Heritage Cup Champion? We'll find out very soon!

Winner: A-Kid

That concludes this week's episode of WWE NXT UK. From all of us here at Wrestling Inc., we wish everyone a safe and magical holiday season! See you in the new year!