WWE NXT UK Live Results: Moustache Mountain Vs. Pretty Deadly II

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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with a heated singles contest in the women's division!

Emilia McKenzie vs. Blair Davenport

Both women begin with a collar and elbow lockup. Emilia McKenzie switches positions with a tight wristlock. McKenzie sends Blair Davenport to the ropes and connects an arm drag followed by a neckbreaker for just a two count. Davenport picks herself up and lays down a thunderous set of stomps. Davenport connects a basement dropkick following a snapmare takeover for a near-fall count.

McKenzie quickly recovers with a suplex. She looks for a second pinfall attempt; Davenport pops free at two. Davenport executes a back kick and eats a spear but kicks out again from the spear attempt. Davenport turns the momentum around with a missile dropkick off the top rope for another near-fall attempt. McKenzie evades a falcon arrow and turns it into a high-angle German Suplex! She hopes this will be enough to seal the deal in this bout. Not quite.

McKenzie eats a knee jumping coming down from the top rope. Davenport secures the pinfall victory with her falcon arrow finisher.

Winner: Blair Davenport

Post-Match: Blair Davenport mocks the NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura by locking Emilia McKenzie in an STF. It looks like Davenport is calling her shot for a future title opportunity.

Backstage: Before his match today, Sha Samuels and Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar speak with Sid Scala. Scala informs Dar that A-Kid and Nathan Frazer will be competing next week for a spot as the new No. 1 Contender to Dar's prize. Dar and Samuels aren't too eager about this.

- We look back to Ilja Dragunov and Rampage Brown's main event match last week. Their match ended abruptly after the champion hit an enziguri on Brown. Brown wasn't able to continue, thus allowing Dragunov to retain his NXT UK Championship. This week, it's reported that Brown rejected medical treatment and refuses to discuss the matter for now.

- After falling to Meiko Satomura last week, Xia Brookside is still upset she lost a chance at becoming the next NXT UK Women's Champion.

We head back to the ring to hear a statement from "The Irish Ace" Jordan Devlin!

Jordan Devlin In-Ring Segment:

Jordan Devlin begins his speech by calling himself the franchise player. He believes it's time for him to climb the highest mountain possible in NXT UK: Earning a title shot for the NXT UK Championship.

The champion, Ilja Dragunov, hears his call and approaches the ring. Dragunov says where he comes from, they talk less and fight more.

Devlin asks for one chance to end Dragunov's career and capture the title. Dragunov chuckles and says whatever Devlin threatens, he doesn't feel intimidated. He's prepared for whatever The Irish Ace throws at him.

Devlin throws shade by bringing up Dragunov's family and how they'll look at him the day he comes home and tells them he lost the title. Dragunov charges Devlin in the corner. A group of referees pulls them apart. Could we begin the new year with The Czar and The Irish Ace? Stay tuned!

- We learn more about Amale and what inspired her to become a WWE Superstar.

- Kenny Williams is shifting his focus towards Mark Andrews. He calls Andrews "scared and insecure." Once he's done with Andrews, he says there won't be a SUBCULTURE anymore. He'll change it to Scum Culture.

Sam Gradwell vs. Sha Samuels (w/Noam Dar)

Sha Samuels and Sam Gradwell lock horns with a collar and elbow. Neither man budge, breaking up the hold. Samuels controls the pace by dragging Gradwell across the ring and firing down elbow drops. Gradwell comes off the ropes with an Uranage Slam. Gradwell immediately heads for a lateral press pin. Samuels climbs out at two. Gradwell continues the onslaught by lifting Samuels with one arm over his shoulder!

Gradwell meets Samuels on the outside with a leaping pounce from off the apron. Gradwell rolls Samuels back into the ring, and Samuels rolls himself back out. Samuels picks up steam with a powerslam for a two count. Noam Dar tried to choke Gradwell with a scarf, and the referee caught it. While Dar and the referee discuss the incident, Gradwell decides to use the scarf by whipping it straight towards Samuels' family jewels. Gradwell ends this match with another huge slam for the victory.

Winner: Sam Gradwell

- Gallus are ready to leave their mark on Die Familia (Teoman, Charlie Dempsey & Rohan Raja).

Next Week on WWE NXT UK:

* No. 1 Contender Match for the Heritage Cup: Nathan Frazer vs. A-Kid

And now, the main event for today's WWE NXT UK! Can Pretty Deadly retain their titles and maintain their undefeated streak, or will Moustache Mountain add a new piece of gold to their already decorative resumes?

NXT UK Tag Team Championship: Pretty Deadly (c) vs. Moustache Mountain

The bell rings, and we're off to the races. Tyler Bate (Moustache Mountain) and Sam Stoker (Pretty Deadly) kick things off. Bate tosses Stoker around the ring with technical offense after technical offense. Stoker catches himself and cuts the canvas off from Bate with a takedown. Bate escapes seconds after Lewis Howley (Pretty Deadly) makes his way in. Bate leaps for a tag to Trent Seven (Moustache Mountain).

Howley knocks Seven off his feet with a powerful shoulder tackle. Seven bounces back with back-to-back body slams on Howley and Stoker, who ran in. Seven secures a pin on Howley. Howley kicks out at two. Bate steps in and keeps Howley grounded for a few seconds before tagging Seven back in. Seven rocks Howley with a flurry of open hand chops. Howley throws Seven outside and lets Stoker take care of him by sending Seven shoulder-first into the steel stairs.

Stoker rolls Seven in and flips the legs up for a cover. Seven kicks out at 2.5. Stoker wastes time mocking Moustache Mountain while they're sitting on the top rope. Seven sends Stoker crashing down on the mat with a nice elbow shot. Pretty Deadly join forces with a splash/leg drop combination; this only allows Stoker a two count from Seven. Seven makes a desperate tag to Tyler Bate.

Bate spars Howley in the corner, but it isn't enough for him to earn the pinfall victory. Bate digs deep with his '97 Driver. Howley evades but finds himself on the receiving end of this move seconds later. To everyone's surprise, Howley kicks out of the pin! Only two other Superstars have ever kicked out of Bate's '97 Driver. Sam Stoker runs in after the tag and hits a gutbuster for another near-fall attempt. After mocking Bate's rebound lariat, Pretty Deadly gets hit with that exact move.

Here comes Trent Seven! Seven connects a DDT on Stoker, sending him out of the ring. Seven executes his Seven Stars Lariat on Howley. Is this it? Not yet!! Howley leaps out at two. With Seven on dream street, Pretty Deadly set up Spilt Milk. After hitting it, Howley looks for the pin. 1-2-2.8-, here comes Tyler Bate to break this thing up! Bate gets caught with Spilt Milk on the outside. Stoker and Howley are growing frustrated after Seven refuses to end things on their turf, even after getting hit with the tag titles!!

Seven sends Stoker off his feet with a perfect German Suplex and a big kick to Howley as he flies down from the top rope. Tyler Bate heads to the top rope. Seven dumps Howley on top of Stoker with a Burning Hammer. Bate soars off the top with a beautiful spiral tap. Cover! 1-2-3, Moustache Mountain did it!! They have now become the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions!! What an emotional and groundbreaking moment for the forefathers of NXT UK!!!!

Winners & New Champions: Moustache Mountain

That concludes this week's episode of WWE NXT UK. Thanks for watching!