WWE RAW Superstar Responds To Fan Opinion That She Is Not Beautiful

WWE RAW Superstar Doudrop has emphasized via Twitter that "fat and beautiful are not mutually exclusive" and that fat pro wrestlers can also be sexy and athletic.

Doudrop chimed in with her thoughts when she noticed a fan interaction on Wednesday, where one fan initially replied to her and called her "big big BEAUTIFUL!" This led to another fan opining that Doudrop isn't beautiful.


In her response, Doudrop wrote:

That's an absolute lie, I'm cute AF 😂
Fat and beautiful are not mutually exclusive. 😘

And while I'm here you can also be fat and talented and sexy and athletic.

Doudrop, listed at 209 pounds by WWE Divas Wiki, was subject to a lot of body shaming on Twitter when she made her main roster debut earlier this year. At the time, a lot of her peers came to her defense, but Doudrop seemed unaffected by fans mocking her physique. "Successful big people are often met with this because we remind people of their own shortcomings," Doudrop tweeted back in June. "They want to believe that success is only for the 'perfect people' and that's why they didn't achieve their dreams and we prove them wrong. Don't even worry about them, I don't."


Earlier this week on RAW, Doudrop walked out of her match with Bianca Belair, who was declared the winner by Count Out. Doudrop and Belair have been feuding for several weeks.