AEW Dynamite Beach Break Results (1/26) – TNT Title Ladder Match, Lights Out, Danhausen Debuts

Welcome to our live AEW Dynamite Beach Break viewing party. Tonight's special show will air live from the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Our live coverage starts at 8pm ET. Please share coverage of tonight's Viewing Party on social media and chime in with your thoughts in the comments section below.


Cody Rhodes vs. Sammy Guevara (Undisputed TNT Championship Ladder Match)

We are wasting no time tonight, with the two men already in the ring, ready to go. It's mixed reactions for Cody. Both men shake hands to start the encounter, showing some sportsmanship. Cody takes the first advantage with a shoulder tackle, but Sammy responds well with a corkscrew dropkick. Cody begins to show some arrogance, and Sammy snaps, which leads to a shoving match as things start to heat up.

Cody sends his opponent out of the ring, so he goes for a ladder, but this allows Cody to hit him with a clean punch. Rhodes then sends Guevara into the steel steps and he gets an even bigger ladder. He sets the ladder in the corner from the apron to the ring, but this allows Sammy to attack him. The two men start brawling through the crowd, and Cody then clotheslines him back over. But when he is celebrating with the fans, Sammy leaps back across and hits a cutter to Rhodes on the concrete.


Guevara brings a ladder into the ring and he then charges and smashes Cody off the ring apron with it. Guevara gets one hand on the titles, but Cody pulls him down and both men then collide heads and go down. Both men then scale to the top of a ladder which is in the corner and this leads to Cody hitting a huge vertical suplex to the mat! Cody then launches Sammy into the ladder as he remains in control, following it up by tipping the steel down onto Sammy.

Rhodes takes off his weight belt and wraps it around Sammy's leg as he then hands it to a fan. Cody gets the ladder to the midsection of Guevara and then charges him into the barricade with it. Cody then sets up a ladder upside down and he drops Sammy into it as he gets caught up in the hinges. He continues the beatdown by locking in a Figure Four through the ladder rungs.

However, Sammy then fires back with an explosive clothesline as an enziguri makes Cody stumble. Guevara looks for a springboard, but instead, he eats a ladder that gets thrown at him. Cody then climbs a ladder to get to the titles, but Sammy leapfrogs from another ladder to hit a cutter in mid-air to a huge pop! Guevara traps Cody under a ladder and begins to climb, but the former WWE star powers up the weapon, which leads to Sammy landing awkwardly on the top rope.


Both men then end up scaling two ladders, and Cody finds himself with higher ground as hits Cross Rhodes from the ladder! Cody gets to the top of the ladder and hooks himself onto the rung holding the titles, but Sammy hangs onto him, and both men then crash and burn after dangling in the air. Cody gets back to the action though, slamming a ladder onto the leg of Sammy. This leads to Feugo Del Sol coming down, but he eats a Tiger Driver in the ring!

Sammy then sends him out to the floor and follows it by coming over the top rope. Guevara then connects with the GTH outside of the ring. Guevara places Cody onto the bridged ladder on the outside, and he gets out a 12-foot ladder next to it. The Inner Circle member scales the ladder and he hits a 360 cannonball, but the ladder doesn't break and Guevara bounces up in just as much pain.

Both men then end up on top of the ladder and they go back and forth with punches. However, Guevara then gets the titles and bounces it off the skull of Cody to win an incredible ladder match.

Winner (and new Unified TNT Champion): Sammy Guevara

- Tony Schiavone is interviewing Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks at the freezing cold beach. Powerhouse Hobbs says Dante Martin got lucky last time, so he requests a rematch. Ricky then challenges Jay Lethal to a FTW Title next week at Rampage.


Wardlow w/Shawn Spears vs. Elijah Dean & James Alexander

Wardlow instantly drops both men, bouncing them across the ring. He then hits his first Powerbomb, and then the tag partner gets to eat two in a row. He follows that with another three. He sandwiches the two men on top of each other and pins them both.

Winner: Wardlow

Chris Jericho, Santana, & Ortiz vs. 2point0 & Daniel Garcia 

Chris Jericho kicks this one off with Matt Lee, but Santana tags himself in, and that allows Matt to attack him. Jeff Parker comes in and they begin trading shots, with Santana coming out on top as he hits several suplexes before Ortiz tags in to finish it off with a double suplex. The heels turn things around though as Daniel Garcia starts exchanging blows with him until Ortiz hits a big clothesline.

The Inner Circle stars then hit combination dropkicks, but Jericho then tags himself in, yet before he can do anything, Ortiz tags himself back in. 2point0 take out Santana and Chris, allowing Garcia to dominate Ortiz inside of the ring. The trio work hard making frequent tags as they isolate Ortiz in their corner.

2point0 hit a double team, but Santana breaks up the tag as Lee takes out Santana on the apron. Ortiz fights himself free, and he goes for a tag but Santana gets there first, leaving Jericho on the outside. Santana is able to take out Garcia as he then battles 2point0, hitting a double cutter on them. Meanwhile, on the outside Jericho gets down from the apron.


Ortiz brawls with Garcia inside of the ring, but as 2point0 go for a double team, Jericho drags out Parker. He then catches Lee with the Judas Effect on the outside which leads to a piledriver from Santa, who gets the win. However, it was Chris who set it all up as he then walks away on his own.

Winners: Chris Jericho, Santana & Ortiz

- Lance Archer is shown backstage telling Hangman Page that when he fights it will be his fight, a Texas deathmatch. Adam Page is shown being told that news and he says in two weeks, it is on.

- The Tag Team Champions are shown backstage and he says last week the Ass Boys were trying to make a statement. But Marr Hardy says nobody cares about them, as it's all about Private Party, who are the best team to come around since him and his brother. He says they'll become champions on Friday at Rampage. Jungle Boy then points out that Kennedy has a fake watch on.

- CM Punk asks the fans if they're sick of hearing him talk. They say no, but Punk says he is. He's taped up, the long bois are on, and he wants to fight. He tells the fans to shout his name, which gets an MJF chant. He then reveals that he is wearing MJF's scarf which he took last week, and he says it doesn't look good on anybody.


Punk thought the scarf was sentimental to him, but he saw you can get a bunch for cheap. He also saw it was made in Long Island, so he knew it wasn't made of strong material. Punk says he wants to do it tonight! Punk says he is realistic, he expects MJF to come out in a cheap suit and make excuses. He says he has gone through everybody, and he wants MJF right now.

He comes out and asks the fans if they want to see them wrestle, but he says no. MJF says he wouldn't one of the most historic matches of all time on Cleveland. Instead, MJF will give them the match everyone wants next Chicago. It will be CM Punk vs...MJF! He says it is a dream match and the fans want it, at least they think they do.

MJF says he will be beating him in the dumpster fire that is Chicago. After that, fans will see the real Punk. The one who loses his fake smile when he doesn't get what he wants, who blames his failures on everyone else but himself. The Punk who is more than willing to sue if he hasn't got his just due. MJF predicts Punk will say he's leaving wrestling again.

MJF points out that CM Punk no-showed an appearance in Cleveland in 2014. He believes all the chants won't stop him from quitting and then crying on a podcast. But Punk says MJF listened because he's a fan. He believes the two best things he did was leave, and then come back.  Punk says he has never lied to the people, some hate him and some love him. But Punk would rather try and fail then never show up.


He says MJF is the one who stood in line for his autograph. Punk says the fans love him because he gets back up and he fights, just like Cleveland does. MJF say they will test if he always gets back up an FTR and Wardlow appear. Shawn Spears then appears from behind and takes down Punk which leads to a three-on-one assault as Wardlow just watches. FTR then hold him while Spears attacks Punk with a chair.

MJF then gets in his face and while Punk tries to fight back, he's taken down again. MJF demands that Wardlow powerbomb him. After some hesitation, he does just that onto a chair. MJF then sits in the classic Punk fashion on top of him. He says the same place Punk's journey started, it will end in Chciago.

- Griff Garrison and Julia Hart are shown backstage, but before they say anything, Mark Sterling he appears. He says Jade Cargill has chosen her for the next title match, but she has to sign a form due to her eye. Griff tries to make her think about it, but she shouts him down and signs it anyway.

Leyla Hirsch vs. Red Velvet

Red Velvet charges to the ring and takes down her former friend as she reins down with punches. Velvet then connects with a leg lariat, but Leyla escapes to the outside. However, Hirsch drags her out and then sends Velvet into the barricade, but she fires back with a clothesline on the outside.  Velvet sucks Hirsch into the ropes, which she follows up with an axe kick and then a stunner onto the ropes.


Velvet goes for a sleeper, but Leyla powers up and launches her into the turnbuckles. She follows that with a dropkick that focuses on the shoulder of her opponent. She then continues to dominate her opponent, targeting the shoulder with a variety of submissions and strikes to the area.

Velvet then slaps her opponent, but she responds well with a German suplex. Hirsch then pulls away the tape on Velvet's shoulder as she continues to attack the area. Velvet hits a desperation stunner from the middle rope, which creates some much-needed separation. She charges in with several back elbows as she then sets Leyla into the ropes and then she hits the double knees to the back.

However, once again Leyla focuses on the shoulder, but Velvet lands on her feet with the German suplex attempt and follows it with a spear. But, that is only able to get a near fall. Hirsch counters the final strike and then nails a huge knee strike. She pulls up before the three count and looks for the Legit Lock, but Velvet gets her foot on the ropes. Velvet then goes for a kick, and this time Leyla rolls her up, holding the tights as she gets the victory.

Winner: Leyla Hirsch 

- After the match Leyla attacks Red Velvet, setting in the Legit Lock until Kris Statlander comes down and chases her rival away.


- The House Of Black are shown with a video package. Malakai Black says he gave people the embodiment of violence with Brody King, and people will be thankful for him. King says PAC denounced the house, and he will be humbled for that. He believes that just like death, they are undeniable.

- Sammy Guevara then appears with his cards. He believes he climbed the ladder in the ring like he did in the company. He says the title is for everyone, as he wouldn't be here without the fans.

- Tony Schiavone then brings out Britt Baker. She says it's been a while since she cut a promo. However, CM Punk and MJF couldn't keep her name out of their mouths, and she doesn't blame them. Britt shows off all of the awards she has won lately. Britt says the division was a wasteland before her, and anyone could have made it theirs but nobody did.

Baker says she took over the top spot and then she overtook the men's roster and became the face of AEW. She won't settle until she's the female of the decade, and she will be the champion the people deserve. They finally have a Baker they can count out.

- Vickie Guerrero then appears screaming. Nyla Rose says Ruby Soho got a fluke victory on her in the TBS Title tournament, and next week she wants to face her.


Adam Cole vs. Orange Cassidy (Lights Out Match)

Orange Cassidy breaks his sunglasses and then charges into Adam Cole with the two men brawling to start things out. Things spill to the outside quickly as Cole gets launched into the barricade, and Cassidy follows it with a shotgun dropkick. However, Cole gives him a taste of his own medicine as he gets thrown into it as well. Adam then drops him spine-first onto the top of the steel barricade.

Adam Cole then pulls out a chair from underneath the ring apron...but Danhausen appears holding it! He gets a huge pop, shocks Cole, and when he walks away, Cole misses with the chair shot. However, he fires back with a pump kick. Cassidy then desperately counters the Panama Sunrise by charging Cole through a table.

He looks for the Orange Punch, but Cole gets the ring bell in the way as he then launches Orange into the steel stairs. He traps Cassidy's fingers and stomps them into the ring apron. He continues to focus on the hand, and Cole then gets a chain, wrapping it around before hitting the backstabber.

Cassidy then uses a fire extinguisher to the face of Cole, creating a separation. Both men then have hold of the chain, but as they pull and get closer together, Adam grabs Orange and drops him onto his knee. Cassidy fights back and hits a Michinoku Driver through two chairs in an upright position. However, Orange walks into a superkick and he then calls out Brandon Cutler, but Wheeler Yuta attacks him. Bobby Fish and Chuck Taylor then brawl.


The Young Bucks nail a double superkick to Chuck and then it is three on one. However, Roppongi Vice then pulls the Bucks away while Cassidy hits Beach Break! But Cole is able to kick out. Orange Punch then connects, but he is in too much hand pain to go for a cover. Cole looks for a low blow, but it only hurts one man as Cassidy has a steel cup. Cassidy then hits his slow kicks and then nails the Panama Sunrise, but Cole kicks out!

Cole then retreats all the way down the tunnel and to the back. He puts Jerry Lynn in front of him and then he puts Orange through a table right in front of Tony Khan. He kicks out and then they fight back to the stage as Orange reverses a Boom attempt with a superkick. He looks for Orange Punch, but Cole wipes him out with a light from the stage. Cole then heads to the top of the entrance tunnel, but Cassidy meets him up there. He sneaks behind Adam and nails a low blow.

Cassidy then hugs Cole and they then both launch themselves off the tunnel and through the stage below. Cassidy is able to land on top and he gets the three count!

Winner: Orange Cassidy