AEW Dynamite Results (1/19) – Jon Moxley Returns, Adam Cole And Britt Baker Team Up, More

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- Tonight's show kicks off with the return of Jon Moxley, and he does so to a huge reaction!  Someone in the crowd makes a comment and Moxley tells him to, "f**k himself" as he tells security to get them out. He then talks about waking up after a bad dream with a black cloud hanging over him.

He says these demons come in all shapes and sizes for everybody. He says that he has more scars on his body than most, but the important ones are what you carry on the inside. They are the scars that we should be proud of and make us the people we are.

Moxley believes there are a lot of people who want to write him off and doubt him. He says they can think that, but he will tell them what he told that black cloud, "you can shove it right up your ass. I don't run from demons, I beat the sh*t out of them!"

Jon Moxley thanks people for having his back, and he says he is going on a ride this year. He's going to grab the world of wrestling by the balls because now he is truly free. Mox says if there is anybody in AEW or around the world who thinks they can put him through hell, he is thirsty, and all he drinks is blood.

- MJF is shown backstage when he says last week was an embarrassment to the sport. CM Punk didn't take the loss on the chin like a man, as he grabbed Wardlow's hair to get the win. MJF then says if Wardlow had more seasoning, he could have kicked out.

However, MJF then apologizes to him, saying he has been a friend, and since today is his birthday that is what he gets. Although, after Wardlow put his hands on MJF last week, he decides to dock him his pay. MJF then says tonight Shawn Spears will show Wardlow how it is done as he beats CM Punk.

Adam Cole & Britt Baker vs. Orange Cassidy & Kris Statlander

The ladies start out this match, but Britt Baker immediately tags out before they interact, which is something Adam Cole then repeats when Orange Cassidy gets close. Baker wants him to punch her, but instead, he does his slow kicks until she stomps on his foot to stop it. But Krist Statlander then slams her down and throws her a boop for good measure.

Cole then comes in, but while he's distracted by Statlander in the ring, Cassidy connected with a crossbody, but Cole fires back with a pump kick. Cole gets sent out of the ring, and Britt then gets into the ring, but Kris stops her, hoists her up in a suplex position which she holds until Orange slowly pushes her down to the mat.

The Best Friends then drop from the ring apron to take down their opponents, which is followed up by a hug. But their celebrations come to a screeching halt with two superkicks, which the couple then celebrates with a kiss. Back inside the ring, Cole takes control and slows down the pace.

Cassidy manages to pick up the pace to avoid several moves, with both men then hitting the double clothesline. The women tag in and Statlander drops Baker several times. She connects with a rolling elbow in the corner and then hits the Blue Thunder Bomb, but Britt kicks out. However, she responds well with a swinging neck breaker.

Cole and Cassidy tag in and Orange connects with tons of punches, but he gets dropped with an enziguri, but Cassidy then counters with Stundog Millionaire. Britt makes a blind tag and she connects with the Stomp to Orange, but Kris then hits the ring and drops the champion.

Kris looks for a top rope move but Cole gets in the way. However, she opts to hit the 450 on both of them, and Cassidy tags back in to hit the Beach Break, but Adam kicks out. Cole then rolls to the outside and while Cassidy tries to dive over the top rope, he eats a superkick upon landing.

Cole wants to hit the Panama Sunrise to Cassidy, but Kris throws him into the ring. Britt then nails her with a superkick after Cole teased his finish on her. She connects with a Canadian Destroyer, while inside the ring Adam nails the Panama Sunrise...but Cassidy kicks out!

The couple then sets up a table on the outside. When Adam gets into the ring, Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch, and while Cole avoids it, Cassidy accidentally knocks Britt off the apron and into the table. When the referee checks on Britt, Adam hits a low blow and then the Boom, securing the win.

Winners: Adam Cole & Britt Baker

- Chris Jericho, Santana, and Ortiz are shown backstage. Jericho says he doesn't care about Kingston, and he can GFY. However, the tag team points out they do care about Kingston, and they question when Jericho has truly had their back. They said maybe next week they might focus more on them instead of this group.

- Adam Cole is shown backstage as he says Orange Cassidy has been a thorn in his side for too long. He questions what more he has to do, but then it hit him. Next week, at Beach Break he wants an anything goes, no disqualification, lights out match!

CM Punk vs. Shawn Spears

Shawn Spears looks to attack CM Punk straight away. However, he quickly reverses and nails a GTS to gain an immediate victory.

Winner: CM Punk 

- CM Punk poses on the top turnbuckle, but MJF hits the ring for a sneak attack only for Punk to turn. He grabs him by the scarf, but he bails out of the ring and leaves his scarf behind him.

- Backstage, Billy Gunn meets Christian as he enters the building. He tells him that his boys rank in the top five, so they deserve a title shot. Cage says they have it all, but they need to make a statement. The tag team then attacks Christian from behind, as The Gunn Club leaves the wrestling legend laying.

- Cody Rhodes then returns to AEW, making his first appearance of the year. He gets a giant ladder and sets it up in the ring. He said he is reminded from the last match about a man who sat on the stage and gave one of the most important speeches of all time, he is talking about the Pipebomb by CM Punk.  Someone told him to save this promo, but he doesn't know if he will get the chance, so he's doing it now.

Cody says in that promo, Punk said things that were taboo at the time. As fate would have it, Punk couldn't do those things, a "Royal Rumble" chant then breaks out. Cody swiftly goes back to Punk and says he is enjoying the comeback of the decade. However, in the void that Punk left behind, someone did everything that Punk said and that was Cody.

He did it and the fans cheered. He says he won't turn heel because when he needed the fans, they cheered him the most. Cody says people talk about the forbidden door, but if you are a journalist and disagree with what he says, the you're doing it wrong. Cody says before there was a door, he was the one who built it.

Cody says he is gone for two weeks, and then The Young Bucks almost start the Wednesday Night Wars again, as while ReDragon passed hip toss class, he doesn't need to see the Bucks defeat them again. He then says the Lethal Injection is the one cutter people don't kick out of.

He then says they're not about renaming talent, but if you come in and call yourself Brody, you've got balls. And he will let you know how much in eight years when the kid (Brodie Jr) shows up. Cody then says AEW doesn't have secondary belts, but the only reason they do now is that there are two, and he says it is clear what should be done.

He knows Tony Khan has sent a contract in the mail, maybe it isn't the one he wanted. But he says at Beach Break, two titles, one champion, what do you say Sammy?

- Backstage it is revealed Anna Jay will challenge for the TBS Championship. Mark Sterling says they're thrilled to accept the challenge as Anna reminds Jade there is a dark side to her, and she will do whatever it takes to win. Jade says Anna needs to understand where they are, this is that b*tch show.

The House Of Black vs. Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison 

Malakai Black drops Griff Garrison with a back elbow straight away. He then hits another kick as Brody King comes in and drops him. Pillman Jr. is able to tag in and he connects with a punch. However, Brian then questions the springboard after last week when it led to him losing.

He argues with his partner on the outside and King charges Garrison into the steps. Inside the ring, the two men work together to take down Pillman while Griff eats a clothesline from King. The House Of Black then hit a double team and pick up a dominant victory.

Winners: The House Of Black 

- Malakai Black then gets on the microphone, but a video of PAC then appears. He says now he truly sees Malakai, he is just the same of everyone else in AEW, he is self-obsessed and power-hungry. He says Black might have some spells, but the B*stard is out of his reach. PAC says he is going to make a martyr of him.

- Brandon Cutler has his camera set up but Rapongi Vice pop up. Rocky Romero says week after week they're tired of hearing the same stuff, and he tells Trent they beat The Young Bucks, so they put out a challenge for the team for Rampage.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Lance Archer w/Jake Roberts & Dan Lambert

Lance Archer hits a big elbow strike before the bell even rings. Frankie Kazarian fires back and goes for the knee, but Archer then drops his opponent with a clubbing blow to the back of the head, and then a clothesline. Archer continues to dominate with an elbow strike in the corner.

Lance then throws Frankie across the ring to maintain control. They fight to the outside where Archer begins to pick on a little girl. This allows Kazarian a moment to rest as he then smashes a water bottle across Archer's head. Back inside of the ring, Kazarian tries several chops, but Archer then just pounces and sends his opponent flying.

After more domination, Archer goes for the Chokeslam, only for Kazarian to reverse and start fighting back. He tries to charge into him in the corner, but Archer reverses and looks for the Blackout, which leads to Kazarian fighting his way out. He then follows up with a missile dropkick.

However, after some brief fighting, Archer connects with the Chokeslam and then he follows with the Blackout.

Winner: Lance Archer

- Dan Lambert says that Hanman Page and his friends played video games inside. He says Page isn't prepared for this monster. Archer grabs the microphone and says enough of this cowboy bullshit, he is going to show him what he will do. He then sends Kazarian onto the ramp as he looks to Chokeslam him onto a chair, but out comes the AEW Champion!

Page goes face to face with Lance Archer and slaps him in the face and the two men then start going back and forth. However, Page uses his boot to smash around the head. Arche blocks the Buckshot Lariat, but he keeps fighting and sends Archer out of the ring walking away.

- Backstage, Dante Martin says Matt Sydal has been watching his back, so he has his and Lee Moriarty's back, and they say they'll watch his back. Ricky Starks and Hobbs then appear as Starks says nobody is his friend and Hobbs tells him to have people watching all sides of him.

- Leyla Hirsch then confronts Kris Statlander for costing them thousands. Red Velvet tries to calm her down, but she tells her to shut up and then Leyla attacks both women.

Skye Blue vs. Serena Deeb 

Serena Deeb brings her opponent to the mat early and then slaps her head in an arrogant manner. She follows that up with a shoulder tackle, but Sky Blue is able to get one shot in before being hung up on the middle rope. Deeb follows that up by pulling her opponent head-first to the bottom rope. She remains in control throughout and locks in the Serenity submission for the win.

Winner: Serena Deeb

- Backstage, Ethan Page tells Jon Moxley he is up to the task. He has been racking up victories, and he tells Tony Khan to look no further than him to face Jon on Friday.

- Sammy Guevara is then shown on vacation with his usual cards. He doesn't talk, but the writing explains that he accepts Cody's challenge for the ladder match.

- Matt Hardy is shown backstage and he has sold Andrade 51% of the HFO. Andrade says he is the president now and Matt says they will be the AFHO moving forwards. Andrade says Darby Allin is someone they want in the group.

The Acclaimed vs. Darby Allin & Sting 

As Sting and Darby Allin make their way into the ring, The Acclaimed jump them and start the attack, using a chair to their advantage. They wrap the chair around the neck of Darby and then launch him into the ring post. The match gets started though and Sting starts beating down both men. He launches Bowens into the steps, and Caster quickly follows suit twice in a row.

Inside the ring, he looks for splashes in the corners. While he hits one, the second attempt sees Caster pull away the turnbuckle pad as Sting crashes into the exploded steel. This allows the two younger stars to take advantage. They make frequent tags and keep in firm control.

However, the WCW legend regains control and locks in the Scorpion Deathlock on Bowens. Caster punches him but that fires Sting up, but a superkick does the trick. With the official then distracted, Bowens uses their speaker to attack Sting. They then try to do something on the steps, but out of nowhere Allin returns and attacks them.

He tags in and dives with a Coffin Drop to take out both men on the outside. Back in the ring, he connects with Code Red to Caster, but it doesn't get the job done. Darby hits several Coffin splashes, and he then looks for a submission victory.

Max uses his power to get to Bowens and he lights up Darby with a flurry of moves. He then drops Darby as The Acclaimed hit the Mic Drop, but Sting breaks it up. He then launches both men to the ramp. Sting then launches himself of the ramp with a splash, which puts Caster through a table! Meanwhile, inside of the ring, Bowens hits the exposed turnbuckle and then eats a stunner which sets up the Coffin Drop.

Winners: Darby Allin & Sting